Seven Knight 2 – How To Level Up Heroes Fast

Levelling up your Heroes in Seven Knights 2 can be time taking. One of the reasons for that are EXP Potions. These are somewhat difficult to get a lot of. Hence, in this guide, I will show you how you can do it with, or without that.

Basically this is a walkthrough on how you can level up your heroes in the game without EXP Potions. It needs a neat little trick that I will show you. This is not an exploit but a legit tip to level up properly in Seven Knights 2.

Seven Knights 2 – How To Level Up Heroes Fast (With/Without EXP Potions)

Loading Up Expedition Map

The first thing you need to do is open ‘Field Exploration’ Tab. Take note that you should have enough points and powers to meet the requirements. Not only that but you should also be strong enough to clear these missions maps.

Once you have confirmed that, go into any of the mission maps you want to do. For example, I will take Coastal Snowfield Vicinity, which requires a power of 100,000.

  • NOTE: Make sure to load up with main character for the first part

doing field expedition seven knights 2

Now you should select “Enter Now” at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Once you do that, you will be presented with some basic information regarding the mission lines and enhancements. This can be any other tips also!

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What To Do Inside The Map

Once you have loaded up inside the map, you main objective will be to kill anywhere around 47 enemies in total. Basically the counter should say:

  • Defeat The Nearby Enemies 47/50
  • Note that this can be 48, or 49 also.
  • Make sure the number DOES NOT REACH 50/50

enemy count

  • Here it shows 45 which is around the safe area
  • Make sure to quit at 49 or before to be precise.

Hard Quitting The Map

As soon as you reach the enemy count of the said number, Press ESC for emulators or Back for Mobile Devices. You will be presented with a screen to either cancel the quitting or carry on with it.

Make sure to press “Yes” on the option. If you are in a party, this will automatically disband it and return you to main screen. Do not hesitate and do that as soon as possible. Preferably, make sure you are not in a party while doing it:

quitting expedition party

Do this before the count reaches 50/50 otherwise this tricks will not work, so keep that in mind!

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How Does This Work?

You may know that you need EXP Potions to level up the heroes. They are needed in large quantities for Raids, Normal campaigns, PvP and more.

Well, you can skip the entire part if you use this method since these expedition maps do not use EXP Potions. Or rather they “Do not require” EXP potions to function. This method simply skips that and hard resets the game.

This helps you to keep the EXP but skip completion.

What To do After Hard Quitting?

After doing this with the main character, simply load up the same map But:

  • NOTE: Load it up with Side Character the second time
  • COMPLETE the map this time!

If you change the map, the progress will reset. So make sure you load up the same map and do the same thing but with a different side character. This time, however, complete the same map, and you will see that you gained all the EXP and rewards for the team!

levelling up heroes seven knights 2

That is basically all you need to do to Level Up your heroes quickly in Seven Knights 2. I am guessing that the developers may patch this once they find out. If they consider this as a glitch or exploit, most probably, they will.

Farm your EXP for heroes as much as you can till then. Let me know in the comments below if you this helped you out. 

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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