Seven Knights 2 – Beginners Guide, Tips, and Strategies

In this Beginner guide for Seven Knights 2, I will be discussing how you can progress in the game as an F2P player. I will also suggest you how you should spend some cents if you want to. This means that you do not need to worry about slow progress or falling behind others.

This mainly happens when you get blocked by paywalls. These tips and guides will hopefully enable you to enjoy the game properly without spending much in the game. If you happen to be an F2P player, you can use these ideas to progress in the right way!

Seven Knights 2 Beginners Guide

Seven Knights 2 guide tips for beginner
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Levelling Up Your Heroes

You may be familiar with the concept of CP or Combat Power in the game. Well, in Seven Knights 2 this has a significant role. Increasing the CP means that you increase the overall level of your account.

There can be usable, non-usable, good, bad, and other heroes. Make sure to level up who ever you are recruiting in your team.

For F2P players, you do not have any other options but to increase the overall power of the account and heroes. For those of you who want to spend any money, use the 10 USD to purchase the opening pack. That is all you need to do for the rest of the game.

What you get is 30 x Gacha for Heroes and 30 x Gacha for Equipment. Levelling up your heroes is crucial to increase CP and overall level for the account. I cannot stress this enough, and you should 100% focus on this. To ideally level up heroes, you can do the following:

  • Level Up their equipment/gears
  • Bring the heroes to Expeditions. Only the specific heroes taking part there would gain experience.
  • Get Experience Potions from Dungeons, Quests, and Shops (Ideally Emporium)
  • Purchase Soul Stones from General Shop every day for your heroes OR
  • Do High-Tier Dungeons to get Soul Stones and upgrade heroes using that.

 Build and Get Resistance Heroes

To properly progress in this game, you will need a lot of resistance heroes. Otherwise the levels and stages may stop or slow down the progress. Different elemental heroes can grant you decent resistance.

  • One example would be Tristan with his “Fortress of Steel”.
  • Another good example is Adel with his freeze resistance build. [Useful in Chapter 2]
  • Guilahan is also a good Resistance Hero. [useful for Chapters 1, 3, and Cerberus]
  • Pick Henry if you want to progress in the chapters. He is a good resistance hero as well [Useful for Chapter 6]
  • Ian is great resistance hero as well. He is a support but from the resistance type. So you get support + durability with him. [Useful in chapters 4 and 9]
  • Scott AKA “Demon Hunter” is also one of the top resistance heroes. [First useful for chapter 8 and on forth]

Get Decent Gears/Equipment from Field Explorations

Once you enter the “Field Explorations” Tab, you will notice a number of maps. You can unlock Field Exploration after completing chapter 1 – Strike.You can do each of them depending on which gear or equipment you are looking for.

The boss here can grant you 100,000 Gold as well. The progress here is also great. After getting 100,000 gold, you also have the chance of earning 100 Rubies as completion reward.

Please note that these maps require a recommend amount of CP. Make sure you are bringing your best team and formation to make the most out of it. Most important thing is to complete these expeditions flawlessly to get the gold, rubies, and Equipment.

Doing Lots of Raids

You can get a lot of crafting resources by doing Raids. Especially if you do the “Dimensional Rift” you can get a bunch of goodies and rewards. Do the Tier 3 Party Dungeon to get double the rewards. You can attempt these for a limited number of times per day so take careful note of that. To sum it up you need to do:

  • Dimensional Rift [X2 per day]
  • One more Party Raid [Daily once]
  • Other required raids for gears, rubies, and gold.

Enhancing/Transcending Equipment

The concept of Enhancing and/or transcending is pretty simple. You can increase the level of equipment using Enhance. If you transcend, you basically take the gear or equipment to the next stage. It unlocks another section for you to level up using “Enhance” feature.

You need to concentrate on which are the good heroes, which ones are bad, and where to put the resources in to enhance or transcend them. I will give you an example so that you can get a better grasp of this.

Tristan is a good example of Defensive Hero in Seven Knight 2. So the basics to use equipment would be to increase the Defence for them. The main gears/equipment you should focus for Tristan should be:

  • Body Armor: Transcending and Enhancing gives Block Rate
  • Head Armor: Transcending and Enhancing gives Block Efficiency

If you are looking to use the same concept for DPS Heroes, one great example is Shane. Here I will show you how to Enhance and Transcend this hero to boost DPS further.

  • Gloves: Enhance and Transcend this to increase Combo chance and and Attack Speed.
  • Weapon: Enhance and Transcend this to increase Critical Rate and Critical Damage

Do Dungeon Activities

Dungeons will unlock for you after you complete Main Quest Chapter 2 – Mercenary’s Duty. There are specific Dungeon Activities you can do to fulfil your needs.

I highly recommend that you do not skip these activities or you may miss out on a lot of resources and previous items. These activities are:

  • Gold Vault: good for gathering and farming gold
  • Soulstone Quarry: excellent place to get different rarities of Soulstones.
  • Elixir Refinery: This is needed to upgrade the “Potential” from the respective tab.
  • Rune Temple: Needed to upgrade Experience Potions and more.
  • Experience Run: This will grant you basic and much needed overall experience.

Team Building Tips and Guide 

Ming support build

This can come in handy for general purposes. You can use this Guide and the tips for a number of reasons. Even to progress correctly in the game. These are mere suggestions and they can change as per your playstyle.

  • Tank Build Combo: Tristan is a good Defence Tank for beginners and overall. He defends the supports who attack them. This a great quality I find in this character so I like to use him. Evan is another good example of Tank Defence.
  • AoE Build Combo: Area of Effect or AoE is important in this game. I would like to suggest 3 heroes here that synergize quite well. They are Yeonhee with her AoE ultimate. Windigo who increases the AoE of allies. And Serena with her ability to increase AoE damage of all allies.
  • Good Support Combo Build 1: Lukey increases combo chance of allies. Ian increases the damage dealt by all allies which is also good.
  • Good Support Combo Builds 2: Ming is the exception because she is legendary. But if you have her, she is one of the top supports. Gauge support and debuffing enemies is the real skill for Ming and like it a lot! Shay is also recommended by me as a support. She also shares similar skills which come in very handy as a combo.

That is all I have to share in this beginner guide for Seven Knights 2 to progress properly. This is just a overview of an idea. As you go on playing, you will discover the in-depth of the mechanics. Let me know your thoughts as well via the comments!

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