Seven Knights 2 – Best Ways/Where To Spend Rubies

Welcome to a brand new guide on Seven Knights 2. In this post I will be discussing how you can spend Rubies. These are the main in-game currency, inside the game. The knowledge of where to spend these currencies is quite important. 

That is because if you are in the unknown, you can easily waste it towards something that may not be feasible later on. I will also be discussing where you SHOULD NOT spend them so take careful note of that.

The compilation of Ruby usages are put together by me after spending some time in the game. I also did some research in forums and videos to get a better idea on where to use them for myself as well. Since they worked out fine, I will now share my Two cents on how you can manage and use the Rubies so that the game becomes easier for you. 

Best Ways/Places to Spend Rubies in Seven Knights 2

Places to NOT SPEND rubies on❌

Gacha Hero Summons [Later Stages] ❌

Here I will be discussing the places and options where saving the rubies will be the better option. The first point I want to mention is for Summoning.

After a certain point in the game, you can spend rubies to do special summons. As you have experienced from a number of Gacha games, these require in-game currency to do. Here they are of course rubies. 

Also, you will notice that there are drop chances or percentages in the game. In Seven Knights 2, players mainly look for Legendary + and Legendary rarity summons. Now let me take you through the drop percentages for some of these:

  • Valdur – Legendary + – 0.0033%
  • Cosette – Legendary + – 0.0300%
  • Shane – Legendary + – 0.0033%

The list goes on, and you will notice that the rate are super low for these Heroes. In my opinion, these are too low for me to spend a lot of rubies on. In the initial parts of the game, you can add the exception of using them to summon heroes if you do not have good ones. But later in the game you will get Summon Ticket Drops. You can use them to do the Multi-Summon Pulls.

This is the main reason that I hinder myself, and also advise other players, to initially do 1 or 2 10-Pulls and then stop! The scale of Rubies can go as high as 1,100 to do just one set of 10 pulls. If you are F2P and do not want to spend at all, this is a big no no for you.

Expanding Inventory using Rubies ❌

This one is kind of a “Ruby Trap”. The initial inventory expansion may seem less on your pocket and account. But as you progress and keep increasing the inventory storage space, you will notice that the game is demanding more and more Rubies. if you are a new Player, DO NOT fall for this as this will keep adding up to a whopping number of Rubies later on.

The main trick here is that the expansion adds to +5 only, but the cost of upgrading the inventory keeps rising more and more as you keep upgrading. I did not find this pleasing at all hence I would highly advise that you refrain from this. As you can see I already expanded it 13 times, and now it stands at 32o rubies just to expand it by 5 more.

I would only advise you to do this if you are F2P and you do not have anything else to do with the rubies. ONLY in that occassion can you spend them for inventory expansions. Otherwise say no to these traps and save them up for something decent which I will be discussing later on.

Places/Ways To SPEND Rubies ✔️

Mastery ✔️

This will be the first category I recommend that you spend rubies on. They way it works here is, you mastery level increases proportional to your account level. If you do not want to level up for a certain level of mastery, say 21, you can simply purchase the next one using Rubies. If you want, you can check the image below for reference of how much rubies you need for which mastery level:

This does increase the more go higher up on the Mastery Scale Levels. But this is one of the fastest way you can boost the Level Up of you account. And when it comes down to games like Seven Knights 2, gaining levels is key to unlocking more content and interesting features within the game. The main part is that all of your Heroes can benefit from these levels ups.

That is because the masteries are meant to be spread out for different types of characters in the game. If you want to actually spend Rubies, this should be the first thing in your mind since you are doing multiple benefits using one expense.

Spending on special offers in Mole Emporium ✔️

You should see an option called “Mole Emporium” on the main screen. Select and enter that. Often, you will see some special offers inside the Emporium which you can get using Rubies. This is completely up to personal preference, but just keep an eye out here.

If you see any cool deals you can grab using Rubies, make sure to spend that here and get the rewards or items. I can guarantee that this is a much feasible way of spending rubies rather than spending 1,100 for 10 pulls of multi-summons later on! You can get certain accessories like special rings to boost the stats for the heroes as well. Whatever it may be if it suits your needs, grab that as soon as you can.

So, as you can see I listed the points where you should not spend Rubies and the places where you should. One things I would say regarding the Inventory is that if you want to spend money, do it inside the shop. Go to Packs > Normal Pack > Inventory.

You will see a number of options to expand inventory by purchasing these packs. One example is if you spend 0.99$, you get 20 slots of additional space. The same costing for rubies will get you 5. you can now understand the trap that has been set. This is part of marketing and I will not go entirely against this. You as a player/customer of the services should also be aware.

That would be all for this guide on how and where to spend Rubies in Seven Knights 2. Leave your thoughts down in the comments below.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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