Skater XL | How to use Controller on Steam

If you wish to know how to use a Playstation or XBOX controller on steam for Skater XL, this is just the guide for you. You can fetch Skater XL from Steam since it is out now! As of now, Keyboard & Mouse is not supported for the game.

So the only option is to use a controller. Sometimes steam does not recognize the controller you attach, so we will show how you can fix that issue. If you wish to purchase the game, you can get it from here: Steam Link

Steam controller fix for Skater XL

FIX 1: Using Steam settings

Connect the respective controller to your system. You should notice a sound that is made during a successful connection. Open steam in the “big picture” mode and ensure the controller is operational.

  • Navigate to: settings >  controller settings > check the “Generic Controller Configuration” and ensure both the Xbox and PlayStation options are NOT checked.
  • Restart steam and make sure you launch the application in a fresh way. This will ensure that the settings are saved.

Now simply launch Big Picture mode, and then launch Skater XL.

Here are some illustrative images showing the same:

using controller on steam 2
using controller on steam 3

If you followed the steps correctly, your PS4 or XBOX controllers should now be recognized and ready to use in-game.

FIX 2: Using DS4Windows

If you wish to use the third-party software, you can use the DS4Windows. The instructions are simple, and so far, we have not seen any reported problems with it.

  • NOTE: Since it is third-party software, user discretion is advised.

That would be all for this guide. Any questions, additions to the post, or suggestions are welcome, via the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on October 25, 2022

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