Slasher’s Keep | How To Unlock Characters Guide

In this guide for Slasher’s Keep, we will show you how to unlock characters efficiently. If you are reading this guide, chances are that you must’ve walked right into the flying skull’s ambush. Same as us, and that undead over there.
You can get stronger by unlocking other variants of your Self, taking on different forms and unlocking other Characters you can play. Read on to know more!

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Slasher’s Keep: Character Unlocks Guide

Sasquatch & Undead

Though they have been clubbed together, you can’t get both at the same time.

You can unlock both of them, one at a time, by finishing the final boss.
There are generally two ways of approaching the boss: the hard way, and the easy way.

Doing it the hard way gives you this character. How? Just beat the VERY BEEFY melee boss, in the traditional overpowered way or knocking them to the spikes available on the map. Personally, we haven’t really tried the spikes because it seems like a cop-out of a final boss, so spent half an hour just whacking away.
After the melee boss lies dead, there should be a dropped monkey paw. Pick it up to unlock the Sasquatch, then pick the golden key, and claim your freedom!

The easy way nets you the Undead. How to do it you ask? Climb up 10 floors again, but this time kill the magic boss without killing the melee boss, because if you’ve unlocked Sasquatch you would know that the magic boss runs away the moment the melee boss dies.
Hint: Wands are useless against the magic boss so avoid them.

When you’re done, there should be a jade monkey statue. Pick it up to unlock the Undead. Do what you will with the melee boss afterwards.


This should be pretty straightforward, just find a unique red shrine somewhere after the third floor of a non-starter dungeon (meaning any dungeon after you’ve escaped Slasher’s Keep the first time) that spawns rarely. Sacrifice your flesh prison and embrace true darkness, unlocking the character. Simple, but annoying, because it’s pretty rare.


This blob’s the most annoying of them all, not because of how hard it is, but because how much time you’ll probably need to sacrifice before you can get him.
Don’t expect you’ll get him/her/it before you finish your first escape.

To unlock, you need to do three simple things:

  1. Find an “energized slime sample”
  2. Find an “energized acid sample”
  3. Get to the third biome, clear every room to find an alchemy apparatus, and insert the two items to get a potion. Drink the potion. Have your bones melt away and transform yourself into a whole different character entirely (before you make your decision save/reload/think twice).
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Some issues you may face
Both samples are excruciatingly rare. The slime sample drops from blue slimes, and the acid sample drops from – acid slimes, but both have close to 1 in 1000 drop chance? It can take awhile before you get both, which brings us to the final problem:
The alchemy apparatus only spawns on the third biome, and can spawn at any floor of said biome. You have no choice but to keep these inventory-consuming items on you at all times, without dying, clearing every room in the hopes of seeing the thing. Personally it can be quite tough to unlock this guy.
Well, not exactly that you have no choice. We don’t know the exact logistics, but earlier in the run we found only the slime sample, which we sent down the chute. We found the alchemy set in that run, and while interacting with it, the clearly-in-chute sample suddenly popped up and appeared in the alchemy set. It’s not known if that’s bugged, intended, or patched out, but something to try if you got unlucky and already chuted one sample when the pair appears.

We’ve summed up within this guide the knowledge we have gained from lots of people discussing how to do this. Hope it helps, and if any info is inaccurate, do point them out!

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