SLIME: ISEKAI Memories How To Increase Team/Troop EP

SLIME: ISEKAI Memories is creating quite the buzz in the mobile gaming community. That is all credited to its splendid graphics and interesting game system.

You may have played a lot of Idle Gacha games, but this one will surely catch your attention. the sheer depth that each character has, the number of Equipment or items you can use is massive.

On that note, if you want to know how you can farm 6 Star Equipment in the game, check out my guide here! Moving on, in this post, I will be showing you how you can Increase the overall Team EP/EXP/Power in SLIME: ISEKAI Memories.

This step is quite essential because this will help you to progress easily in the game. You can do boss fights, events, and Quests using these upgraded Teams and that will make the gameplay more enjoyable. Let’s take a look.

How To Increase Team/Troop EP in SLIME: ISEKAI Memories

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What is Team/Troop EP?

Basically, Troop or Team EP is the total or cumulative Battlepoints for your entire Team. Whatever team you have made including the composition does not matter in this sense.

All that matters is how many battle points you have invested in them to make them even stronger. In simple terms, the higher your Team EP is, the higher Tier Team you have.

slime isekai memories troop ep

As you can see from the above image, The number denotes the total EP for the current Troop you see. This is different for separate Teams or Troops. The number count will also be different as a result.

This specific number, which is 106,000+ is bound to this particular team only. I needed to make this clear so that you can avoid any confusion while building your desired team/troop.

Take note that each character has some contribution to the given number of EP. Hence every single character in your Team matters a lot, hence you should pick wisely.

How To Actually Increase This Team/Troop EP?

Increasing the EP of each Character in Team

As I mentioned above, each character has contributed towards your overall Troops EP or Stats. I will show you how to increase character Power or Stats using the example of Benimaru first.

If you go to the “Companions” tab from the home screen, you should find Benimaru there. Open him and you can see a lot of options to increase his overall level/stats/EP in the game.

These are located at the bottom of the screen. Along with “Unique Status” You should see other options or tabs. You can upgrade the levels for each of these, to Increase the Troop EP. They are:

character ep increase

I will be discussing each of these in the subsequent titles below so that you have a clear idea of how to increase or level up each of them.

Leveling Up

This is the most common of the lot. Simply increasing the level of the character is sufficient enough to increase the overall EP. You will require a special resource to level up the characters.

This is done by farming an event that you unlock after playing the main story. So my tip here would be to play the main story enough to unlock this special event. You can then do it over and over again to farm the level-up resource.

Ability Release

This is basically the Stats Tree of the character. Here you can increase the Power, HP, Defense, and Output numbers for each character. You need to unlock all of them, per page, to unlock the next page of stats.

This will ultimately increase the overall EP for the character. This also enhances your secret skill as well so take note of that.


If you want to increase the Level Cap and rarity of your character, you need to “Awaken” them using this tab. There is an option to “Awaken” with a “-” and “+” to increase or decrease the number of levels you can awaken.

These require certain resources, so make sure you farm them as well. You can read my Equipment Guide for ISEKAI Memories to know how to farm resources.


I have already linked the detailed guide for 6 Star Equipment in the above point so you can check that out for more information. In short, you should find the expertise that the character prefers.

If you can get that specific equipment for the character, this will grant buffs! For example, Benimaru uses Magic Tome as his preferred expertise, so you should get his exact match. You should also get the right set of armor and accessories to get the most out of a character.


Enhancing your skills is an important part to increase the overall memory of a character. If it is a battle character, then you should see battle stats and skills. Press the “ENHANCE” button and that should help you to increase that specific skill.

You will have more options inside the ENHANCE tab, so pick them as per your playstyle so they best suit the team.

Assigning Support Characters to Main Characters in Team

You will notice that each character has a supporting character assigned to them. Also, try to match the elemental type for both the main and supporting characters to get the most.

For example, match a Wind Type Milim Nava with a Wind Type Gobta to get even more Troop EP. Do this process for all the characters and their supports to form the perfect Team.

As you can see they have the perfect synergy in terms of HP, Defense, and Offense. Level up the support characters the same way I mentioned above for the main characters.

Then simply assign that to your Troop. This will ensure that the EP of the Troop is optimized to the topmost level.

Leveling Up The Protector

You should not miss out on the protector as well. Protectors also need leveling up to be at their best while in your Troop. Try to increase the level to the maximum as soon as possible to get the most HP out of it.

For example, if you max out salamander to Lvl. 60, he will have an HP of 1,290 and an EP of 5000+. This EP number depends on how you level up the Awaken, Skills, and Ability Release for the protector as well.

Recruiting/Having A Full 5-Star Team

This is kind of obvious that if you have a 5-Star lineup of the best characters, the EP level will increase significantly. In order to do that, you need to head over to the “Recruit” tab and recruit 5 Star heroes.

The drop rate for them is very slim, but this is worth the grind so make sure you have a stacked lineup to get the most EP possible. Combine this lineup with the above tips to have the best Troop EP possible.

Increasing Equipment Rating/Rarity

I have already linked the article above on how to increase the rarity of Equipment. To be precise, you need to get them using the “Forge” Tab. you will unlock this if you reach a certain number of citizens in the Central office.

Then level up the forge to level 3 to unlock more upgrades. After you have reached the desired number of citizens, open the Quest > Events > Conquest. Here you can farm all the resources needed to level up Equipment as much as you like.

If you want to know how to increase Citizens in ISEKAI Memories, then check out the guide here.

Also, take note that certain seasonal events can also give you 5 Star Equipment. You can then use them with your desired characters to increase the overall EP, and ultimately, the total EP of the Team.

That is all I will share in this guide for SLIME: ISEKAI Memories. For more such guides stay posted with this website and check back from time to time.

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Last Updated on December 27, 2021

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