Sniper Elite 5: How To Find Crowbar In Mission One

The action-packed latest edition of Sniper Elite 5 has been earning rave reviews since its launch. The third-person shooting game has been a big hit worldwide, lauded for its newer maps, trophies, and exciting upgrades, among other things. The game has various Missions for players to complete, and the gameplay has been riveting players.

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The first Mission in Sniper Elite 5 is an interesting one. It involves players searching for a crowbar, which can be found across various locations in the mission.

The following guide will help players find the crowbar across all the different places, and how to best approach the mission.

Sniper Elite 5: How to find Crowbar in Mission 1

Mission 1 of Sniper Elite 5 has players destroying the Radio Towers’ power source. For this, you will need a crowbar that is scattered across the map. Moreover, these crowbars will also help in demolishing power panels outside of the military bases. Given that there are many locations players can get a crowbar, here’s a full list: 

  • Crowbar Location 1: The first crowbar is present in the room which also contains the power generator. It is a side room of the building, and players can navigate to this place quickly. 
  • Crowbar Location 2: The second crowbar is located in the same building but in a different room. You should search all rooms thoroughly. 
  • Crowbar location 3: It is present in a garage as players make their way towards the main objective of finding Marcel. The garage is located in the southwest portion of the map. 
  • Crowbar location 4: The final crowbar can be found in another garage in the northwest direction, towards the military base. 
Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1
Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1

Needless to say, players can just achieve the objective with any one of the crowbars. However, finding the rest and exploring the building is a nice bonus for players in the early parts of the game. 

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Now, here comes another fun part: you can bypass the crowbar situation entirely in this Mission if you have a pair of satchel charges. These charges can be set on the pillars that are directly opposite the bunker which houses the Radio Towers. Just attach them to the walls and blow them up, which will cause the power connection to be stopped easily. 

Thus, players have two options for completing Mission 1 of Sniper Elite 5. You can either go through the various rooms in search of a crowbar or simply use the satchel charges and blow up the pillars. Either way, the first mission will be over pretty quickly as the game is only beginning. Players will be in for much harder quests as the game progresses with time. 

Last Updated on May 29, 2022

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