Sniper Elite 5 – How To Preload, Size, and Download Fix

If you were eagerly waiting for a new Sniper Elite game like me for a long time, well the wait is almost over. Sniper Elite 5 is about to drop for Players across the world on steam. The given date for the release is set for 26th May.

Now a lot of you may be wondering if Pre-Load is available for the game, and if so, how you can preload Sniper Elite 5, what will be the size of Sniper Elite 5, and what to do in case of a slow Download. I will answer all of the questions in this post.

Sniper Elite 5 preload size download fix

Sniper Elite 5 – Download Size, How To Preload, and Slow Download Fix

I will show you the answer to all of the above queries, and try to add more to the list of things to do and look for while you wait for SE5 to release worldwide.

What is The Download and Unpack Size for SE5?

Well, as far as I have noticed, the download size for the data you will need is around 55 GB, and my guess is it will unpack in your storage. After unpacking, the size will end up being 76 GB. That is because, during the time of installation, the total space required was shown to be 76 GB.

SE5 download size

How To Preload Sniper Elite 5?

In order for you to pre-load SE5, you have to pre-purchase the game from Steam. To do that, simply follow the official link for SE5 as given below:

  • Pre-Purchase or Purchase [ Link]
  • After you are done with the purchase, go to library > Locate Sniper Elite 5 > press “Preload”
  • The Download should start for you as soon as you do that.

What To Do if Download Speed is Slow?

I myself was encountering slow download speeds while I was preloading Sniper Elite 5. I did a couple of things and they both worked for me to increase the download speed to the intended amount promised by the ISP. Here are the methods I followed:

  • First of all, try to change the Download Region for Steam. To do that go to Steam > settings > downloads > download region. Change it to any of the nearest ones, other than what was selected. Restart steam and it should be fixed!
  • If the above method did not work for you, use any VPN (Preferably paid) and set the region to any nearby one which won’t hamper the download speed. Restart Steam and your Internet, and you should see the speed increasing.

Also, try to install the game on an SSD rather than an HDD. SSDs have better read and write speed, so my best guess is that the work will be done quickly and more efficiently.

I along with many other players are looking forward to Sniper Elite 5, and I hope we all have something to take away from the game after playing it. That will be all from this guide on SE5. For more of such content, do not forget to follow us on Google News, and our Sniper Elite 5 section.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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