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How do we change the default language to preferred in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

As it turns out, players are having quite some trouble in changing the default language to their desired one. The first thing players do is try to find the settings to change the language in-game, which is not there in the first place. So in this guide, we will show a workaround for that issue and hopefully make the experience worthwhile in-game.


Changing the language in Ghost Warrior Contracts

change language ghost warrior contracts

  • Go to the steam app launcher and sign in.
  • Go to “Library” where all your games should be listed.
  • Find “Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts” and Right-Click on it.
  • Then head over to “Properties”.
  • Now locate the tab called “Language” and click on it to open it.
  • Change the language from that window, to whichever language you desire.
  • Now a Download will start. Let it finish.
  • In the End, just log out of the account entirely, log back in and select your desired language one final time.

And you should be good to go!


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