Spelunky 2 | Movement and Enemy Tips and Tricks

This guide will show you certain tips and tricks regarding Movement and Enemies in Spelunky 2. You can easily follow this guide and learn some basic gameplay aspects. Check it out!

Spelunky 2 Movement and Enemies Tricks and Tips


  • Game has a shortcut system. Upon completing 1-4; 3-1; and 4-4; levels you’ll be greeted by NPC which will ask for your help. Completing his tasks will open tunnels to each area respectively.
  • You can descend to spikes by the rope or cape.
  • You can safely get off 1 block tall ledge into spikes.
  • Landing on top of any enemy removes fall damage.
  • You can catch on a ledge from any height, it won’t deal fall damage.
  • With help of a mount you can perform triple jump by dismounting after second one.
  • You will ride moving chains.
  • Falling from high enough starts second falling animation which deals 2 damage, instead of 1.
  • By standing on falling platform you can travel any distance down without damage.
  • Spiky shoes grant ability to walk on thorny blocks without damage.
  • Falling onto spikes on mount kills the mount, but saves the character.
  • By running you can ‘step over’ 1 block long gap.
  • Ball on chain in Volcana area will descend until reaching any block and break it. Also you can use it to ride upwards, but it will smash you reaching the ceiling.
  • From 2nd shortcut you can access Temple of Anubis by blowing the floor with 4 bombs.
  • If you jump onto explosive crate it will detonate.
  • You can skip Yeti cave on 5-1 by jumping down when platforms end first time. There’s a huge gap between two parts of this level, which can be easily skipped with something that saves from fall damage. A cape, jetpack or mounts double jump for example.
  • If enemy jumps under your feet, you’ll stomp it and it blasts you even higher than you would jump off it’s head.
  • Reaching the end while facing opposite direction of conveyor belt will automatically hang your character on a ledge for a short period of time, then he will jump off.
  • If you whip while being hang on a ledge provides 2 tile long jump under low angle.
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  • Lizard with 1 hp won’t roll anymore, instead it will only walk and sprinkle blood.
  • If you throw picked up lizard while running, you will instead roll it as a bowling ball.
  • Caveman will trip over any object while attacking.
  • Hitting any living being with ghost vase will curse him.
  • When ghost arrives, with time it will start to split up to 4 smaller copies. Each time he does that he starts to move even faster and more chaotic.
  • You can whip arrows flying from traps.
  • Every enemy that can be stunned, can be sacrificed to Kali.
  • If you kill enough shopkeepers, there will start to appear outpost on levels with multiple shopkeepers awaiting revenge.
  • If you angered the shopkeepers, leaving multiple levels without killing any they will forgive you.
  • Killing mini boss on 1-4 always gives fried turkey and small bomb bag.
  • Taking damage while riding a mount damages the mount instead of character.
  • Monkey or Leprechaun can be knocked off you by throwing a rope or a bomb.
  • Bear trap opens again if falls off any height.
  • Stunning Witch Doctor also disables his wisp.
  • If you’re cursed Witch Doctor’s wisp will track you for much longer distance.
  • Olmec on his second phase starts to fly. If you damage purple engines on his bottom he will stomp once and break 2 layers of blocks, after that engines will start working again.
  • If you throw fish back into water it will resurrect.
  • There’s always a giant pool on 4-2 with huge fish. Killing it always drops hired hand, camera and a gift.
  • Killing a giant spider in the jungle always drops paste.
  • You can knock off Firebugs from the chain if you break the block on which chain is attached.
  • Hang spider can be knocked off by burning or cutting web origin. Once done, he will act as a regular spider.
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