Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapons Guide

A beginners guide to Basic Weapons in Splitgate: arena warfare

Players all over the world are loving Splitgate: arena warfare so far. A blend of Portal, Halo and doom all combined in a small but impactful package, this game get you going in no time. Fast paced actions in the game require you to know the basics of weapons. So in this guide we will show you some basic weapons and what they do.
You can later take hints from it and implement it in your gameplay to slay and defeat your opponents.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapon 1: PISTOL

  • It all comes down to skill with this weapon. this beats the Assault and Battle rifles in the hands of a pro. That does not mean you cant do it yourselves. With some practice you will get the hang of it as well. It fire rate is slow, but has high damage output. This is one of the few weapons that has confirmed Headshot kills. Since this game’s weapon balancing is like Halo, this is pretty much your magnum/revolver as it tears through enemy armor/shields simillar to the shotgun and snipers.
  • In CQC( Close Quarter Combat) or medium range, equip this against anyone using the Assault or Burst Rifle and go for the head. Don’t bother using it against Shotgun carrying enemies.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapon 2: Assault Rifles (AR)

  • It is Completely Automatic and comes with low amounts of damage output. You would want to use it to spray down enemies at medium range and maybe control fire enemies at a far range using the ADS. Has low hit reg for Headshots. Use it to shred enemies in quick succession in CQC.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapon 3: BR (Battle or as we call it Burst Rifle)

  • It is a Burst rifle indeed which is named a Battle rifle. Fire bursts of accurate shots at mid range. It is fully automatic enabling you to do decent damage which maintaining accuracy due to the time it takes in between bursts. Good weapon to carry and upto personal preference to use.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapon 4: SMG (Sub Machine Gun)

  • Decently less damage and range as compared to the AR and the BR, but it makes that up with its high rate of fire. Get up close and go HAM on your enemy with it. It is not recommended against the shotgun however. But enough to shred enemies at close ranges so totally usable weapon.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapon 5: SHOTGUN

  • Telling by personal experience, if you manage to get close to the enemy and land a shot, its a one shot kill! crazy damage up-close and indeed a one shot wonder to be precise. Has a low ammo capacity even-though, so use it carefully. And as the name suggests, ONLY for CQC.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapon 6: SNIPER RIFLE

  • One shot killer in every sense. If you manage to master this weapon, slaying enemies will be a cake walk. But the fire rate of sniper rifles like most games is the lowest and damage output, the highest. One shot kill if it lands on the Head. Unique way to play it is to use it in CQC. Master this and dominate the Arena!

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapon 7: PLASMA RIFLE

  • The fire rate keeps climbing as you hold down the fire button for longer time. Capable of shredding through armor very quickly at its highest rate of fire. Not a personal favorite but if you can master it then it can prove to be quite a handful.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapon 8: RAIL GUN

  • A one shot killer and a game changer you can say. But you have to charge the shot first. After that let go of it and watch it kill enemies with single shots. So, overall a decent gun but timing of the charges is important to really make use of the gun.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapon 9: ROCKET LAUNCHER

  • This will definitely kill your enemies if it lands near or on them. But the reload time and the shots need to be accurate and calculated. One tip to use it will be to JUMP and HOLD the jump button to activate the thrusters, and then fire. That will assure good accuracy and confirmed kills.

That will conclude our Splitgate: Arena Warfare Weapons Guide. This is just a beginners basic guide to the weapons in the game. We will come up with advanced guides in the future depending on the response of the community.
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that is all!

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