Splitgate : Voice chat guide

How to Turn on Push to Talk or turn off Open Mic in Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Splitgate : arena warfare is growing its player base as time goes by. Now we all know how important is communication in a online multiplayer game.

But, you may not want to keep you mic open for personal reasons or just by preference, so in this guide we will tell you how to turn off open mic or turn on push to talk.


Turning off  Voice Step 1:

  • Go to sound settings

Turning off  Voice Step 2:

  • Uncheck the option – “Open Mic (Team Only)”

Turning off  Voice Step 3:

  • That should be it! do not forget to apply setting at the bottom right and you are all set.
  • check the image below for the illustration:


  • and that will help you to turn off of the always open mic in splitgate!

thats all!

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