Sprite Fantasia – Berserker Class Build for PvE and PvP

In this guide, I will be showing you some of the tops builds you can do for the Berserker Class in Sprite Fantasia. You will require these builds for PvP and normal quest gameplay as well.

Hence, I have sectioned these builds into three parts. I will be going over each of them so that there is less confusion.

These berserker builds can be different from yours due to the vast nature of Sprite Fantasia. I highly recommend readers’ discretion while going through the post.

Top Berserker Class Builds for Sprite Fantasia

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Healing Build [PvE/Guild War PvP Gameplay]

First of all, we will take a look at the Healing Build. This is mainly focused on PvE content. If you do not have a Mage or any other healing class and want to strictly use Berserker, this build will help you to Solo in PvE. Let us take a look at the Skill Settings for this build first:

Skill Settings

The first skill in use is “Boomeraxe: Bloodletter”. The main purpose of using this is to grant 15% healing for each target hit. This will go on for 12s which is a decent time to restore a chunk of health while doing damage. The second skill in use is “Destructive Charge: Bloodbath”.

This will also give you 10% healing for each target hit for a hefty duration of 8s. “Earth’s Core Impact: Bloodthirst” is the next skill on the list. You will gain invincibility along with healing damage of 15% for each target hit. This is an important part of this build to save yourself from chunky damages.

The final addition to this list is “Worldwind Chop: Storm”. This is your main AoE damage skill. You will basically give up speed at the cost of massive AoE damage. The main purpose, however, is that it will reduce the cooldown of your Boomeraxe by 0.1s for each target hit. If you are doing crowd control, this will synergize quite well.

Master Point Distribution

I won’t be explaining each of them as I did above. Simply knowing how much point to putting in which mastery should be more than enough to get you through this section. If you do require an explanation for the point distribution, do mention it in the comments.

  • Violent Rush Lvl. 5 – 5 Points
  • Mortal Dash – 1 Point
  • Striding Flurry Lvl. 3 – 3 Points
  • Destructostorm Lvl. 1 – 1 Point
  • Greataxe Cleave – 1 Point

Burst Damage Build [PvE & PvP]

Basically, this will ensure that you are doing a lot of damage to surrounding enemies. Usually, the stat counter is 30% Fire Physical Damage in an AoE manner. You can use this build for PvP as well as PvE. We will start off this build with its skill settings:

Skill Settings

The first skill on this list is “Earth Cracking Wave: Burst”. This skill basically triggers a burst effect for each enemy it hits. It is great to deal with fire physical damage in an AoE manner. Next up on this list is “Frenzied Slash: Burst”. 

This damage skill is a frontal fan, hence it is directional. I recommend that you use this one carefully. This will also do Trigger Burst Damage on initiation. “Earth’s Core Impact: Burst” is my next skill to put up here. The main motive to use this is to provide invincibility while doing large burst damage in the AoE effect.

Now we come to the final part of this skill set, which is, “Supernatural Lunge: Overwhelm”. This skill looks great to perform, and it is also a very powerful damaging move. Grants you a +25% Crit rate while using which is more than enough to overwhelm any foe.

Master Point Distribution

  • Explosive Charge Lvl. 5 – 5 Points
  • Flaming Pride Lvl. 4 – 4 Points

Use the leftover points to lower abilities and skill cooldowns as much as you can. The main two aspects for this build are already shown above, so make sure they are mandatory in your build as well.

Critical and Slow Build [Solo 1v1 PvP]

This build is only focused on 1v1 in PvP modes. The main idea behind the lineup is to slow/stun your opponent, then deal massive Critical Chance (CC) damage to them. This will ensure less chance of survival for your opponent after you are done with your whole arsenal.

Skill Settings

 “Destructive Charge: Shatterfrost” is the first to make it to this list. This basically inflicts 4s slowdown to enemies. Next on this list is “Frenzied Slash: Shock”. This will serve the purpose of stunning the enemy for 1.5s. Stunning is critical in this build to give those extra bits of Crit Damage.

“Supernatural Lunge: Overwhelm” is a repeating skill for this build also. This is your main Critical Damage source. This skill is so awesome, that I recommend you use it for most builds for some purpose or the other. “Boomeraxe: Icecracker” is the final skill in this build.

This will slow down the enemy for a chunky time of 4s. This may seem small on paper, but every second in this build matters.

Master Point Distribution

  • Lunge Enhanced Lvl.5 – 5 Points
  • Will Expansion – 1 Point
  • Warrior Spirit Lvl. 3 – 3 Points

Ideally, you should put the rest of the points in the skills and abilities you will use in this build. The main aspects for this mastery are already covered in the above bullet points, hence consider them mandatory to use. The rest of the points can be used freely.

That is all I am sharing in this guide for top berserker builds in Sprite Fantasia. I am always open to suggestions and questions via the comment section below. This build list is completely subjective hence it can be different from yours. I hope you have found this helpful.

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Last Updated on December 27, 2021

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