Sprite Fantasia – Leveling and EXP Guide

in this guide, I will be discussing how you can Level up quickly in Sprite Fantasia. This is mainly done by Increasing your BP. BP in this game stands for Battle Power and it is used to boost a number of stats in Sprite Fantasia. As you go on increasing the BP, you will level up and get a decent boost to multiple stats.

It is basically a measure of how strong your characters are in the game. If you go to the Basic Info of a character after you increase BP, you can see that it has more stats than before. on a side note, if you want to know how to increase Team EP in SLIME ISEKAI Memories, I have just the guide for you. Do check it out if you want.

Sprite Fantasia – Fast Leveling and EXP Guide

Sprite Fantasia guides and tips

Upgrade Weapons for BP Levels

The first and foremost tip I can give is to increase the stats of your weapons in use. Basically, aim for attack power first then other stats in terms of preference. To increase the power of your weapons, go to the “Enhance” Option increase the stats from there. Usually you will end up boosting two stats; Physical Attack and Magical Attack:

To specifically increase the BP of the overall account, you need to focus mainly on Physical/Magical ATK Stats. Your second focus should be to increase the HP of the weapons. The Third Emphasis should be on Defence. This will also help you in increasing the Overall Battle power on your account. Note that if you are a Magic Type, focus on increasing Magical Power first then move on to HP.

Do not forget to increase EVA [Evasion] also. This is underrated but this can decently increase your stats as well. Take note of what you levels are before and after you increase the BP and Level of your account.

Doing Main Quests As Much as Possible

Ideally, you should do the main quest up to about Level. 25-30 then proceed slowly. This is because the progress after these levels slows down quite a bit. Some parts of the quest will require you to reach a higher level before you can progress.

This is not exactly Time Gating but this is Timekeeping. This is the case where it does not entirely stop progress, but slows it down so that players spend more time doing them.

I do not blame the developers for these tactics since this is a relatively easy way to retain players. But sometimes it can get boring to do the same things over and over again. Hence I suggest you rush the game to a certain level then take it slow and do other activities also.

Do Ecology Research

This is where you should invest some time other than main quests and activities. As you can clearly see from the image, it already has an EXP sign on it. This means you can get a tonne of XP by doing this everyday for a limited number of attempts. This number is 5, and once you reach 5/5 you can do this Research the next day. Keep doing this everyday to level up quickly in the game.

You also get decent accessories from doing these activities. Some free rewards do not hurt at all either, hence this is a must do when it comes to levelling in the game. You can also party up with other players while doing this activity.

Giving Guild Donations

Guilds are an important part of PvE games. When it comes to Sprite Fantasia, this is no different. First of all I would recommend that you join a guild. After doing that, head over to the Guild Donation tab at the bottom-right of the screen. Once you enter that, You will be able to donate to the guild using Coins.

Make sure to use extra coins to do donations everyday. You can do this activity 3 times daily, so do not miss out on any one of these.

If you wish to use Gem Stones, you can use them as well. As you can see from the image, you a lot of EXP just by donating to the Guild. This EXP count is even more if you happen to use Gem Stones. I would prefer coins over Gem Stones, but this really depends on personal taste. Try to balance both so that you are getting the maximum EXP possible.

Sprite Dispatcher – Doing Orders

Sprite Dispatcher is the vendor you see at the middle of the home screen. Once you select that, you will be presented with Order Previews. This is another great way to gain EXP and Level up quickly. You need to make certain items using other resources to complete these orders.

For example, Nanaro Diamond requires 5xHoney and 2xBread. You can simply grow these and complete these orders to get their rewards. These rewards contain items as well and EXP. Use them to level up your account as quickly as you can.

NOTE: If you run out of resources, I will suggest that you request on your guild chat for them. You can also spend coins to purchase them, but this is not a feasible way to do the task.

So as you can see you can do several activities to increase EXP and Level Up quickly in Sprite Fantasia. If you have any unique methods that are not listed here, do not forget to mention that in the comments below. I will try to share that with the entire community.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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