Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order | Game Won’t Launch Fix

After the release of Jedi Fallen Order, some players are having a tough time even starting the game. The title screen shows up and then it goes away, and the game won’t even launch. Nothing happens, and the players are kept waiting. We will show some suggestive methods to troubleshoot this issue and hopefully fix it.

General solutions to the game not launching

Origin and Steam Tweaks

Restart/uninstall steam and update/download it to the latest one.

Do the same thing with the Origin launcher.

Keep both the launchers running, BUT start the game from the origin launcher (keeping both open at all times during gameplay)

Try to run the Beta version of steam.

Steam folder Tweaks

Go to your Steam installation directory and Delete everything except the Steam.exe and the Steam Apps folder. Double-click the executable and let it finish downloading the latest updates. This is working for some players so if the above steps did not work, have a go at this as well.

Adding an exception for antivirus

Open up your antivirus and add the executable or the entire installation folder in the exceptions.

After doing this method restart the platform (Origin or Steam) and try to launch the game.

Launch as Administrator

The next thing you would want to try is to locate the executable file.

You can do this by right-clicking on the desktop icon > Properties > Open File Location

Or you can follow this path: Installation directory > Jedi Fallen Order > SwGame > Binaries > Win64

Then right-click on the Executable file > Click on “Run As Administrator”

jedi fallen order run as admin

Updating Graphics Drivers

As you may have noticed, NVIDIA and AMD release drivers, specifically to optimize particular games. So make sure you download the latest Graphics drivers from their official website. (They have pushed the latest driver updates for NVIDIA users, specifically for Jedi fallen orders).

If your problems still persist, make sure to drop your queries to the game developers. Also, wait for a potential hotfix to address this issue.

Last Updated on October 24, 2022

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