Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order | HDR Support guide

Can we use/enable HDR for Jedi fallen order in-game?

The answer to this is, YES! We can do that. But before that, we need to turn on some settings in our windows itself. In this very short guide on HDR support for Fallen order, we will show how to do that.

NOTE: Before proceeding with the guide, make sure you have a monitor and system which supports HDR.


How to enable HDR support for Fallen Order

Windows 10 settings

HDR games and apps on


hdr wcg on jedi fallen order

  • Initially in the video settings of Jedi Fallen order, the option “HDR Output” should be greyed out or turned off.
  • Here is how you can Turn on HDR for windows:
  • Windows/Start button > Settings > System > Display
  • In case of multiple displays pick the one with the HDR-enabled or re-arrange as per your preference.
  • Click on Windows HD color Settings.
  • Under Display Capabilities, make sure that the option next to Play HDR Games and Apps Says “Yes”.
  • If this is not the case then your monitor does not support HDR and it should say “no”.
  • Now simply Turn on/Toggle Play HDR Games and Apps.


In-game settings

jedi fallen order HDR on

  • After doing the above settings for windows, you should now have the option to toggle the HDR Output to On.
  • Simply do this and you are good to go! Enjoy the game in all its 4K glory.


Thanks for reading!


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