Super Meat Boy Forever | Complete Soundtrack List

Here is the fully compiled official soundtrack list for Super Meat Boy Forever lovers. You can get the full list down below. In my personal opinion it is a really cool soundtrack! The whole list packs quite a punch and keep you charged for the whole day! Personally I use it for my workout sessions(LOL!). Just check this out!

Full Official Soundtrack List For Super Meat Boy Forever


Title Screen 

  • Marionette (Chipper Grove Intro) 
  • Sex and Violins (Chipper Grove Light) 
  • Beef Flat (Chipper Grove Dark) 
  • Udder Catastrophe (Chipper Grove Boss) 
  • Nightie Night (Clinic Intro)
  • Chickened Out (Clinic Light) 
  • Wagu Finger (Clinic Dark) 
  • Tenderizer (Clinic Boss) 
  • Contraband (Tetanus Intro) 
  • Tenuous (Tetanus Light) 
  • Tautness (Tetanus Dark)
  • Ground Beef (Tetanus Boss)
  • Meteorite (Lab Intro) 
  • Nobody’s Gyro (Lab Light) 
  • Don’t Go Bacon My Heart (Lab Dark)
  • Jerky (Lab Boss) 
  • Trudger (World 5 Intro)
  • Out of Thyme (World 5 Light) 
  • Make No Misteak (World 5 Dark) 
  • Wurst-Case Scenario (World 5 Boss) 
  • Glisters (World 6 Intro) 
  • Clutch (World 6 Light) 
  • Klatch (World 6 Dark)
  • Grudge (Secret Boss)
  • Put Your Hams Together (Credits) 
  • You Had Meat Hello (Bonus) 

Super Meat Boy Forever is a game made by Team Meat, with a soundtrack composed by Ridiculon (Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans). All credit goes to them.

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Author’s Note:


Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have grown as a couple since 2010. It seems like only yesterday the two love birds were escaping from an exploding laboratory in the sky. Now it’s the current year, and they’ve welcomed their daughter Nugget into the world. Their peaceful days enjoying life as a family came to an abrupt end when Dr. Fetus beat the snot out of them with a rusty shovel, and kidnapped Nugget! Now it’s up to Meat Boy and Bandage Girl to rescue their daughter from a lunatic fetus in a jar that can only be described as an incel version of Tony Stark.

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it. We will be back again soon! Good-bye!

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