Super String Tier List and Best Characters – PVP/PVE

Welcome to a guide on Super String Tier List of best characters. This tier list not just has the best characters, but all the heroes you can find in the game. There are some personal favourites of mine but this list is not biased at all.

super string tier list of best characters

Super String Tier List and Best Characters for PvP/PvE

There are 5 Tiers to this list. SS-Tier are the absolute best in the game. S-Tier characters are have a rating of very good and are almost similar to SS Tier. A-Tier characters lack one of the major skills to make an impact in both PvP and PVE. B-Tier characters lack more than one or two points that I will give to S or A Tier ones. C-Tier characters are not “the worst”  but they are not viable as compared to others.

Super String Tier List (December 2021)⇓

Tier S is the best and we go all the way to Tier C which is not great or worst you can say. Check it out:

Tier SS List of Characters⇓

This is the SS Tier where the quality of characters is best of the line. I would use them for both PvE and PvP.

  • Sando – Tier SS
  • Hasty – Tier SS
  • Ajitae – Tier SS
  • Ha Siwoo – Tier SS
  • Cornelia – Tier SS
  • Kanghyeon – Tier SS
  • Kawooka – Tier SS
  • Lilia – Tier SS
  • Munsu – Tier SS 
  • Kang Suki – Tier SS
  • Suho Kang – Tier SS
  • Won Miho – Tier SS

Tier S List of Characters⇓

Tier S Characters list consists of character that are very good in the game. Can be used as PvP and PvE

  • Catalina – Tier S
  • Mito – Tier S
  • Kang Seonghyeon – Tier S
  • Yohan – Tier S
  • Shin Heyool – Tier S
  • Yun Bitnara – Tier S
  • Wonsul – Tier S
  • Kang Haneul – Tier S
  • Wonhyo – Tier S
  • Veronica – Tier S
  • Seokhwan – Tier S
  • Van – Tier S
  • Min Jungwoo – Tier S
  • Jeon Youngha – Tier S
  • Yak – Tier S
  • Red Swan – Tier S
  • Kim Bong Chun – Tier S
  • Oh Sejeong – Tier S
  • Allen Harmon – Tier S
  • Royal Guard – Tier S
  • Jyu – Tier S

Tier A List of Characters⇓

Tier A characters are more average and can hold their own when it come to PVP/PVE. More inclined towards PvP:

  • Lee Hyeonsyong – Tier A
  • Back Ryong – Tier A
  • Brillheart – Tier A
  • Diana – Tier A
  • Ikho – Tier A
  • Jin Suho – Tier A
  • Kira – Tier A
  • Kaira – Tier A
  • KimChulsu – Tier A
  • Lim Hanrim – Tier A
  • Mamia – Tier A
  • Marlene – Tier A
  • Miss Hwang – Tier A
  • MyoWol – Tier A
  • PyeongGang – Tier A
  • An Boyoung – Tier A
  • Cha Yerin – Tier A
  • Leonard Shin – Tier A
  • Tae Yu – Tier A
  • Kuku –Tier A
  • Uchida Kyouichi – Tier A
  • Yuuitae – Tier A
  • Rotevick – Tier A

Tier B List of Characters⇓

Tier B Characters can lack some or most skills you can find in the other tiers above you. Mostly in PvP pick situations.

  • Elimona – Tier B
  • Hong Kildong – Tier B
  • Jang Deokman – Tier B
  • Kim Han – Tier B
  • Kwae Tacheon – Tier B
  • Mago – Tier B
  • McMahon – Tier B
  • Sung Mina – Tier B
  • Yeongsil – Tier B
  • Yamaha – Tier B
  • Lee Baeksu – Tier B
  • Meyer – Tier B
  • Dolseok –Tier B
  • Cheol – Tier B
  • Samus – Tier B
  • Aikawa – Tier B
  • Beechler – Tier B

Tier C List of Characters⇓

Tier C characters are below average. They can still be viable but only in specific situations. Only useful in PvP with the exception of one ot two on PvE. Mostly avoided characters with the exception of two or three:

  • Bangja – Tier C
  • Eddy – Tier C
  • Kang Huijae – Tier C
  • Lou – Tier C
  • Sugal – Tier C
  • Jenan – Tier C
  • Ponzol – Tier C
  • Phoenix – Tier C
  • Spelta Soldier – Tier C
  • Captain (CRF) – Tier C
  • Medic (CRF) – Tier C
  • Grenadier (CRF) – Tier C
  • Sniper (CRF) – Tier C
  • Soldier (CRF) – Tier C
  • Bomber (CRF) – Tier C
  • Reserves (CRF) – Tier C
  • Guardian – Tier C
  • Mob Member – Tier C
  • Slindier Spearman – Tier C
  • Sweeper – Tier C
  • Yoersa – Tier C
  • Wraith Assassin – Tier C
  • Demon Clown – Tier C
  • Haunted Assassin – Tier C
  • Haunted Boy – Tier C
  • Silver Goblin – Tier C
  • Slindier Scytheman – Tier C
  • Suspicious Scientist – Tier C
  • Tutee Reaper – Tier C
  • Witch Clown – Tier C
  • Mad Scientist – Tier C
  • Khersa – Tier C
  • Haunted Girl – Tier C
  • Gold Goblin – Tier C

Super String Tier List Image:-

super string tier list of best characters

Super String Best Characters for PvE and PvP⇓

super string tier list of best characters

Here we will see what are the best super string chararcters you can play with for both contents of the game. This includes both PvP and PvE. Note that this has nothing to do with the tier list and comes down to personal preference.

Best PvP Characters⇓

This will be my list of best PvP characters I think you should use in Super String. This is just a suggestive list and can be different from yours. First of all, try to go for Stuns, AoE Freezes, and Confusion characters.

The SS Tier character should be opposite to the others. For example if your team has DPS and specialists, pick support SS tier. Do the opposite for DPS ss tier character. You can also use Auto, Semi-Auto or battle yourself. Here are some examples:

  • SS Tier – DPS – Sando/Munsu
  • Specialists – Kang Seonghyeon/Mito
  • Support Healers/Resurrectors – Allen Harmon/Yuuitae
  • Secondary Specialists/DPS/Stun – Oh Sejeong/Lee Hyeonseong/Mamia
  • Disablers/Silencers/Turn Based – Uchida Kyouichi/Rotevick/Cheol
  • Tanks – SS, S, and A – Kanghyeon/Hasty/Ikho/Lee Hyeonseong

Here is another PvP Team suggestion:-

  • Wonsul – DPS/Extra Time or Life
  • Royal Guard – Tank/Overshield or Mito
  • Kanghyeon – Tank/Overshield/DPS
  • Tae Yu/Kira – DPS/Extra Life

You can swap out Royal Guard for any resurrection or specialist.

Best PvE Characters (Beginner)⇓

This will be a list of PVE characters you can use for PvE content in Super String. This is also a suggestive one and is subject to change. Try to balance the team with a good mix of all types of characters. Here is the list:

1st Team:-

  • Kawooka
  • Seokhwan
  • Min jungwoo
  • Allen Harmon

2nd Team:-

  • Mago
  • Marlene
  • PyeongGang
  • Brillheart (F2P for beginners)

Basically have a good combination of DPS, Healer, Tank, and Specialist Support (disabler/confuse/silence/stun). This will help you in building a good team comp as well.

That is all I am sharing in this guide for Super String Tier List and Best characters for PvE and PVP. These lists are subject to change so you can comment down you suggestions as well. If you want detailed explanation, do mention below the character name.

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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

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