Tales of Grimm – All Gift Codes (CDKEY) List

If you want to Enjoy the incremental mobile game of Dark Fairy Tales, Tales of Grimm will surely get your attention. In this game , you are a Dreamer who begins his own story in the Land of Oz.

You can go adventure with heroes living in the Land of Oz and explore the secrets hidden behind the dark. This and more awaits you in the game. Along with these, you also get free goodies, also known as rewards.

To get these freebies, you require Gift Codes, also called CDKEY in the game. In this short guide, I will list down all the Gift Codes you can redeem in Tales of Grimm. I will also show you how you can redeem them and get more…

tales of grimm guides and codes

Tales of Grimm – All Gift Codes (CDKEY) List

This will be the main list of CD KEYS or redeem codes you can use in Tales of Grimm and redeem them for some freebies. Check them out:

Gift Codes (CDKEY)

As far as I have checked none have expired yet. If they do, I will add them to the line-up of expired codes in a subsection.

How To Redeem Gift Codes

To Redeem the gift Codes in Tales of Grimm, tap on your Avatar, head over to game settings, and tap on CDKEY. I know this sounds like CDKEY, and the actual wording for this is Package Code. Enter The above “Package Codes” To get your free rewards in the game. TLDR;

  • Click on Avatar
  • Go To Settings
  • Tap on the option called “CDKEY”
  • Enter the code in the “Package Code” Section Like so:

tales of grimm redeem codes

  • Tap on “Claim” to get the freebies!

How To Obtain More Tales of Grimm Gift Codes

Ideally, I would suggest to bookmark this page, and refresh it or visit it time to time to check for new ones. I try to update these as soon as I get to know about updated codes. Alternatively, you can follow the developers in their socials:

About Tales of Grimm

This is not the common fairy tale you read before. Enjoy the incremental mobile game of Dark Fairy Tales! You, a Dreamer, begin your own story in the Land of Oz. Go adventure with heroes living in the Land of Oz and explore the secrets hidden behind the dark.

[Free Up Your Hands]
Set your hero formation and wait for victories with your hands away from phones. Your heroes won’t stop fighting, so don’t forget to harvest generous rewards when you come back. Say goodbye to all those redundant clicks and swipes and winy our battle with only several taps.

[Train Your Hero Easier]
Experience the exhilaration of upgrading heroes. Equip treasures for your heroes and grow stronger minute by minute.

[Explore More Story]
In the Land of Oz, there are lots of secrets hidden in inconspicuous corners, waiting for Dreamers to explore. Play various modes to find out more stories about the natives of the Land of Oz.

[Fight For Your Honor]
Remember, you are not the only one who is summoned here. Adjust and discover your best hero formations and compete with other dreamers in PVP Arena. Win rewards and honors with your heroes!

That is all I am sharing in this short post for Tales of Grimm. Do leave your comments, especially if you any codes I forgot to mention here. It will be highly appreciated!

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