Tears of Themis | All Game Mechanics/Modes Explained

In Tears of Themis, your best bet to clear levels is knowing the game mechanics first hand. They also help to gain rewards and understand different concepts. In this guide, I will try to cover all the game mechanics that the game has to offer for you. These will mainly be used in main quests, completing events, clearing episodes and stages, and gaining EXP and other rewards. The topics I will be covering are:

All Game Mechanics Explained in Tears of Themis

Tears of Themis All game mechanics

General Mechanics

Debate Mechanics

Debates are what you call Card Battle Stages in Tears of Themis. In other turn-based RPGs, you have cards and use them to battle it out with the opponent. Something similar happens in this as well.

In debates, there will be an AI opponent who will have various arguments/debates with HP. The player attacks the enemy by selecting their cards to use against the enemy’s arguments and lower the opponent’s HP.

Each card choice comes with a turn. You will have a limited amount of turns to complete the stage. Every time a player selects a card to battle, the enemy’s “thought cloud bubble” will charge.

After complete Charging, the enemy will attack and lower the player’s HP. If you happen to run out of cards, you can refresh the deck and it will cost you 1 Turn of yours. Here is an illustrative video on how to debate:

Once you have beaten all the arguments of the opponent, you will win the stage and move on to the next. You will only face defeat in two conditions. The first is if you run out of turns. The second one is if your total HP reaches Zero before your opponent.

Skills [How They Work]

Cards come with their own set of skills. Some have skills that are passive in nature. Others have skills that will only work once you actively use them.

Skills in cards will help you in Defense such as increasing your stats of influence/defense or reducing enemies’ stats so that you can overpower it easily.

Some Card Skills will help you in increasing the buffs passively. For example, there are Formidable cards that boost Influence when equipped with the Support deck. This in return helps you in defeating tough opponents, especially in the anomaly levels.

Attributes Mechanics

In Tears of Themis, you will have different attributes for Arguments and Cards. In the current state of the game, there are three attributes to note. They are Logic, Empathy, and intuition.

They have their strengths and weaknesses which I will list below. While battling it out, you should know these to defeat opponents efficiently.

Attribute TypeStrong AgainstWeak Against
Logic LogicEmpathy EmpathyIntuition Intuition
Empathy EmpathyIntuition IntuitionLogic Logic
Intuition IntuitionLogic LogicEmpathy Empathy

Here is a better way to remember this:


Story Mechanics


Questioning is a game mode where you will ask questions to certain candidates. The aim of this mechanics is to extract all the evidence from the target efficiently.

The questions involve selectable phrases that appear on the screen. This will initiate the question/answers dialogues with the person you are interacting with. T

hese are important because you will get information related to the case, and will be used as key pieces of evidence later on. Certain phrase options will unlock more dialogues that you can ask to gain even more evidence.

Clue Analysis

In this game mode, you will be presented with a scenario. You have to use your keen sense of sight to pick out small clues and evidence from the image shown. Take note to look for every corner and small pieces of clues.

These may seem easy, but you can easily miss tiny bits of detail if you do not pay attention. Tapping certain areas will zoom you in, enabling you to take a better look for more clues.


This mechanic/game mode involves taking a thorough detail of a character. Inspection consists of analyzing a character for features that make them distinct from others.

Tapping a key section of the character can then either trigger dialogue or show a zoomed-in pop-up of the area. After zooming in, you can inspect the characters to get even more clues in detail.

You can call this clue analysis also, but with characters only. These ones tend to be easy. Some zoom-in areas can consist of more than one clue so look carefully while searching!

Use the magnifying glass in the upper part of the screen to help you with the search.


The investigation is a scenario where you will be given a screen to look for clues from. This can be items, scenes, persons, and so on. Certain items/objects on the screen will trigger specific dialogues but may not count as evidence.

These are just the tools you will need, to solve that investigation, so take note of all the clues/dialogues you can find. Similar to Inspections, click on the Magnifying Glass on the top of the screen to take a better, zoomed-in view, of the screen.


This is where your collection of evidence will come into play. All the clues and proofs you have collected will be used in the court to win the trial for your client in action.

As the trial progresses, the judge will ask for specific evidence to decide conclusions. Selecting the wrong evidence does not have a negative impact, and they can choose to select a piece of evidence as many times as they want.

You will also need to pick from a set of dialogues to test decision-making. For most dialogue choices, any of the options is usually fine as you can either re-select, or the trial will continue the same with slightly different dialogue for one or two lines.

Try to be as accurate as possible but do not worry much about wrong choices either. These Trials can be replayed if you want to see the outcome of different choices.

That would be all from this guide on Tears of Themis. I also have other Mobile Game Guides so feel free to check them out. Leave your thoughts down in the comments below and I will try to address them as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon with more of such interesting content!

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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