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Tears of Themis is an RPG Mobile Game developed by miHoYo Limited. In this game, You are a rookie attorney who uncovers some startling truths about your fieldwork. What seemed to be independent cases slowly begin to link together and form a big ruckus.

The hand behind it all has no regard for social order and aims only to destroy all that is decent and good. This game is visually great and takes you on a journey unlike any other.

In this guide, I will try to cover one such part of the journey. You will encounter The Summer Breeze Event in this game. One of the objectives of this event is to figure out correct answers to questions asked in the Riddle Cells.

If you have a hard time finding out any particular question/answer, make sure to press CTRL+F and search for it in the box. This post covers two main topics:

The Summer Breeze Event

Tears of themis Guides

How To play

Move by using the dice. You can earn dice by completing event tasks in the first place. Try to collect Wishing Coins. Later on, you can exchange wishing coins to get various items from the Exchange Shop.

A debate will take place when the player encounters an employee. You can earn a reward based on damage given to the employee. Capture the employee impersonator by taking down its Health to 0.

The employee doesn’t recover HP in between debates, so you are sure to secure your hard work. Keep at it and earn as much reward as you can. Keep progressing until you get to meet Grandpa.

Upon meeting Odd Grandpa, answer his questions to receive a rare item or a debate buff. Grandpa will only give one reward per encounter, so take note of that as well.

All Summer Breeze Answers in Tears of Themis (Event)
QuestionCorrect Answer
Which of the following exercises does Marius prefer?Extreme sports
What is Marius studying at Stellis University?Graduate Student
What is the signature dish of Penny’s Comfort Foods?Seafood tofu soup
Where did you and Marius first meet?Classroom
What is Artem’s favorite wine?He doesn’t like alcohol
What is the name of Luke’s antique shop?Time’s Antiquities
Which design style does Vyn prefer?European Retro
What floor is Luke’s detective agency located on?2nd floor
Which sport does Artem prefer?Gun shooting
Which martyr does Valentine’s Day originally honor?Saint Valentine of Rome
Who is Valentine’s day associated with?Saint Valentine of Rome
What kind of books does Artem enjoy?Sci-Fi
How old was Artem when he became a senior attorney?28
Where does Pedro work?Delicart
What is the longest river in Stellis?Stellis River
What is the official flower of Stellis?Gladiolus
Which pocket does Artem keep his badge in?Left chest pocket
What is the name of the part of Stellis City that is filled with European buildings?Victorian District
Which sport is Vyn good at?Polo
What is your codename in NXX?Rose
Penny’s Comfort Foods uses spring water from which of the following locations?Cloudbreak Mountain
What is Marius’ seniority in the family?Second child
Stellis’ official city bird symbolizes happiness and longevity, which is?Asian Paradise Flycatcher
Who is Luke’s favorite novelist?Arthur Conan Doyle
What’s Vyn’s profession?Psychiatrist
How long has Luke been away from Stellis?8 years
What did Luke major in in college?Bio-engineering
The famous Chinese painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” is generally believed to depict which season of the year?Bridge
Where is Stellis’ summer hideaway?Cloudbreak Mountain
What kind of cuisine is steamed tangerine crabs?Chinese cuisine
Which of the following is NOT a type of traditional classical music?Techno
Marius specializes in which type of traditional painting?Oil painting
Which is the Oriental-styled street in Stellis?Orchidshine Street
Which of the following is a fragrance produced in the digestive system of a sperm whale?Ambergris
Which of the following is a typical snack you would find at a fair?Popcorn
Where is Vyn’s mole located?Under his eye
Where is Captain Hook from?Peter Pan
Who founded Themis Law Firm?Celestine Taylor
What color is Paul Bunyan’s friend Babe the Ox?Blue
What does Vyn specialize in?Criminal Psychology
What holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November?Thanksgiving
What is Hades the king of?The Underworld
What does Artem do part-time on the weekends?Movie critic
Which of the following is also called the red lucky seed?Adenanthera pavonina
What is Artem’s best dish?Sweet and Sour Fish
Which of the following is part of the Big Dipper?Dubhe
Who is Vyn to Marius?Private tutor
What kind of cuisine is Luke’s tomato omlette?Home cooking
What type of cuisine is curry?Indian cuisine
Vyn lost his glasses. He’ll need to get a new pair of:Near-sighted glasses
What is a traditional residential style in Stellis City?Courtyards
Artem is the country’s youngest what?Senior attorney
What did the Gods of Olympus usually drink?Ambrosia
Who is Artem’s mentor?Neil Hume
After making a wish, what do people usually throw into fountains?A coin
Which animal represents peace?A dove
Which of the following does NOT seem like part of the temple fair’s acrobatics performance?Laying down to rest
What college did Luke go to?National Central University
Darius found a highly potent poison while investigating a case, what could it be?Potassium Cyanide
At NXX, what kind of cases is Artem in charge of?Missing person cases
What kind of music does Vyn prefer?Classical music
What can’t an abacus be used for?Barbecue
What is the name of the elder Trojan prince in the Trojan War?Hector
In ancient times, knights raise their visors when passing by other knights for what purpose?To show respect
Which of the following is a classic in the genre of tragedy?Romeo and Juliet
Which of the following will most likely NOT be seen at the temple fair parade?Stormtroopers
In Norse mythology, what is Loki the God of?Mischief
Which of the following is a traditional English dessert?Figgy pudding
What did Cinderella leave behind at the prince’s ball?A glass slipper
What color is Rapunzel’s hair?Blonde
Which of the following is NOT a traditional event of the temple fair?Video games
Who won the race between the hare and the tortoise?The tortoise
How does Santa Claus enter the house?Through the chimney
What is Hercules best known for?His strength
What snack is Luke most likely to buy for you?Chili fries
What was special about the enchanted goose in Jack and the Beanstalk?It laid golden eggs.
Which of the following solar terms is in the summer?Summer Solstice
What are children usually given while trick or treating during Halloween?Candy
What is the common type of sweets for Valentine’s Day?Chocolate
Which animal is known as the “King of the Jungle”?Lion
What are the names of Odin’s two wolves?Geri and Freki
What form did the holy relic take during the Crusades?A grail
What is Selene the Goddess of?The Moon
Orchidshine street is hosting a Christmas event. What do you think you will most likely see there?Reindeer

Take note that the guide and the wordings are universal in nature hence they can be similar. I advise readers of discretions during their entirety of reading this guide.

That would be all from this guide for Tears of Themis. I will be putting out more of such content so be sure to be on the lookout for them. you never know which one may come in handy. As always, thanks for reading and I will see you soon with a new one!

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Last Updated on August 7, 2022

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