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If you are playing Tears of Themis for some time now, just like me, you may have come across these Rooms called Study Rooms. You can use these rooms to perform Legal Studies inside the game. This is actually a game mode where you will come across debate stages. You will then use your cards and attributes to beat those stages. These rooms will give you useful materials and EXP to level up and/or evolve your cards. Hence you can see, how important it is to have knowledge about them. In this guide, I will go over these Study Rooms, what each one does and what you can get upon their completion. To simplify, The Rooms I will cover are:

Study Rooms/Legal Studies Guide for Tears of Themis

Tears of themis Study Rooms guide

Daily Rooms/Studies

These are the rooms that you can do every day for a limited number. The two rooms that operate this way are Business and Operations. “Business Studies” gives you Stellin, which is Gold for the game, as a reward and is limited to two per day. Operations Studies gives you Oracle of Justice, which is basically in-game EXP. This is also limited to two per day and can be done daily.

 Rooms/Studies Availability & Rewards

I will show you a table for this section. You can get certain materials from them during particular days of the week. Take note of them and do them on the said day to get that particular Reward. The table contains stage names, materials/rewards on offer, and the day of the week they are available on:

Room/Studies NameMaterial/RewardsMONTUEWEDTHUFRISATSUN
AnalysisEmpathy Chips✔️✔️✔️
PsychologyIntuition Chips✔️✔️✔️
CrisisLogic Chips✔️✔️✔️
Case Study(Artem) Equalization Chips✔️✔️✔️✔️
PsyT(Vyn) Mind Chips✔️✔️✔️✔️
Reasoning(Luke) Vision Chips✔️✔️✔️✔️
Clients(Marius) Infinity Chips✔️✔️✔️✔️

Study Rooms/Legal Studies List and Info


As I mentioned above, you can get Stellin (Gold) twice daily if you do this one. The following are the data you need to know, to have an insight on what are the recommended powers, what is the stage names, and the description/tasks for each stage.

Business ConsultInformation/To-Do List/Legal Consultant for MariusCost (AP)Power
IPublic opinions are the first thing you need to handle.20
IIThe exhibition must go smoothly!20
IIIThe property rental contract must be secured!20
IVThere must not be any forgeries!20
VThe security has to be vetted.20


You can get Oracle of Justice, which is the in-game EXP, twice daily. This is the rest of the information to help you with this study/room.

Operational AssessmentInformation/To-Do List/Open Assessment Day at FirmCost (AP)Power
 IYou need to learn how to deal with difficult clients.20
IILearning from your colleagues can deepen your understanding of the law.20
IIIDiscussing with senior lawyers can accumulate your professional knowledge.20
IVYou must pass the preliminary assessment!20
VYou must attain the highest ratings!20


You can get Empathy Chips by doing this stage/room/study. As you can see from the table above, This can be done on TUE, THU, and SAT. Here is the rest of the information required:

Analytical ReasoningInformation/To-Do List/Techniques Taught by VynCost (AP)Power
ITry to help the patients with emotional issues.20
IITry to enlighten confused practitioners.20
IIIExplain its importance to the reporter.20


This room is available on WED, SAT, SUN. The reward you can get from this study room is Intuition Chips. As you can clearly figure out from the name, these chips are used to upgrade Intuition Cards.

Psychological ConsultInformation/To-Do List/Using Vyns’ Information PracticallyCost (AP)Power
IYou need to learn how to spot signs of asking for help.20
IITry to help patients see things from a different perspective.20
IIIExplain its importance to the reporter.20


Logic chips can be farmed/acquired from this room. This is Available on MON, FRI, SAT.

Crisis InterventionInformation/To-Do List/Using Vyns’ Knowledge in Crisis InterventionCost (AP)Power
ITry to restore mental balance to the patients.20
IIDevelop steps to help patients restore their mental balance.20
IIIExplain its importance to the reporter.20

Case Study

Room to farm Equalization Chips for Artem cards. This is Available on MON, THU, SAT, SUN

Case StudyInformation/To-Do List/Interacting with ArtemCost (AP)Power
IThis is a great opportunity to learn from him.20
II The thick pile of files looks challenging.20
IIIArtem sees you stuck in your thoughts and offers encouragement!20


The stage for Mind Chips for Vyn cards This stage Available on TUE, THU, FRI, SUN

PsychotherapyInformation/To-Do List/Interactions with Dr. RichterCost (AP)Power
IThe topics presented by Dr. Richter are highly instructive both in theory and in practice.20
IIDr. Richter has picked out a few misconceptions about psychologists. He hopes that you can find a way to clear them up.20
IIIAt the end of his lecture, Dr. Richter gives you a one-on-one review session. Try to impress him!20


The stage for Vision Chips for Luke cards. This one is Available on MON, WED, FRI, SUN

Reasoning TechniquesInformation/To-Do List/Teachings by LukeCost (AP)Power
ILuke has taught you some simple reasoning skills. You wonder how well they would work in real life.20
IILuke has taken the document I had compiled for the cases to test out the reasoning skills in real cases.20
IIILuke has asked you to assist him in a new case. Show him what you have learned!20


The stage for Infinity Chips for Marius cards This stage is Available on TUE, WED, SAT, SUN

Legal ConsultInformation/To-Do List/Interactions with MariusCost (AP)Power
IMarius wants you to handle some legal work for a subsidiary company. You have memorized all the relevant regulations.20
IITry to make Marius understand the nature of Legal work in simple words.20
IIIMarius wants you to represent his company in dealing with the government. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes!20

NOTE: The wording of this guide can be similar since the terms and names used here are universal in nature. I highly advise readers’ discretion while reading this post. These Stages/Rooms/Studies are vital to farming EXP and Gold. That is because you will need a lot of them to upgrade your particular cards to the max. You can then progress properly in the game and do better debates. It will also help you in building proper decks to take out difficult opponents. Leave your doubts in the comments below and I will try to help you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and I will see you with more of such content!

Last Updated on August 13, 2021

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