Temtem | How to Delete or reset a character

guide on deleting a created character in Temtem

Temtem is a major multiplayer creature-collection adventure game. The developers, Crema have done a decent job in bringing an alternative version of the world-famous Pokemon franchise. And so far the game has received a number of positive reviews. But the success of the game will truly unfold in the later stages.

Talking about success, in this game, you would be required to build characters. But what if you were to mess it up for a beginner? Is there a way to reset or delete those characters? The answer is yes and in this guide, we will show how to do that…


Delete a created temtem character method 1

  • Startup the game.
  • Instead of hitting the “Continue” button, click on the button that says “Reset Character”
  • If done successfully, you can now start fresh and create the character you wanted in the game.


Delete a created temtem character method 2

  • In the settings menu, you can reset/delete your character.
  • the requirement is that you’ve collected the first two temtem.
  • Be warned that there is a 10-day cooldown after you trade before you can reset.
  • So you can’t farm for the initial period of the same number of days.
  • But if you want to reset the character, you can go ahead and do it from the settings menu too.
  • Here is an illustrative image showing the same:

temtem reset character


If you still face the issue of not being able to reset/delete a character, let us know in the comments below. You can also contact dev support here for further assistance. That will be all for this post of deleting/resetting a temtem character.


Thanks for reading!

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