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guide on healing and reviving temtem with the locations

healing temtems

Similar to pokemon battles, Temtems also needs reviving and healing to continue their duels and battles with other Tamers. But finding such a place can be tricky at times. So, In this short guide, we will show locations, where you can revive and/or heal your temtem and carry on with your journey.


Healing and reviving Temtems – Location

  • After the objective of catching up with the professor, you will be able to access these rooms/posts in the game.
  • These rooms should contact NPCs in the form of devices.
  • You will need to use the temtem Temcard you want to get healed or revived.
  • Just go into the room and interact with these outposts to heal/revive your temtems.
  • These can be found in Deniz, Mare Nostrum.
  • Here are the map locations for ease of reference:

deniz mare nostrum healing temtem 2

  • Head inside the shown location, and interact with any of the NPC machines. That should do the work for you!


We are open to suggestions/questions regarding the article so let us know in the comments. Go ahead and revive/ heal your temtem and have a blast dueling with other tamers!


That will be all!

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