Terraria | Boss Progression Cheese

How to efficiently Cheese bosses and progress in the game?


having a tough time farming bosses in Terraria? If yes, then keep on reading as this guide will show you how to farm (cheese) bosses in the game without breaking much sweat.



Your armor isn’t all that important, but you do want post-Moon Lord gear. For more damage, go with the summoner armor set. Use the Solar armor to tank more damage in case they somehow hit you.

For weapons, you’ll only need one, the Stardust Dragon staff.

For your accessories, put in as many as you can that can increase your minion count.



What you’ll want to do is to make five rows of a block of NPCs and you can’t go through. You’ll want this on all four sides of your character. Use cobblestone, which is should be good enough.

Next, we’ll get on to the actual cheesing.



Summon as many Stardust Dragons as you possibly can!

If you followed the above steps properly then the cheese should work fine.

¬†When you come back they’ll be dead and you would have made a progression.


That will be all for this Terraria Boss progression cheese guide. thanks for reading!

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