THE DIVISION 2- Before You Buy! – Review

THE DIVISION 2- Before You Buy Guide

Let us look into the followup to the original title of THE DIVISION in 2016 with the release of DIVISION 2 and why or why not you should buy it.


THE DIVISION 2 looks good thus far in its release, since 15th March 2019. But if you weren’t a fan of the first edition of the game and is strongly opinionated about the franchise then your decision on buying this edition may depend on that. Being a “looter-shooter” game and requiring some amount of grinding, it may or may not attract a wide range of audience depending on their taste.

What can you expect?

A revised and fine-tuned edition to the original release, it has been a long time coming for this franchise to develop and tweak and come up with unique ideas, but the ones who stuck with this game can now know the true value of these small things and really boast about their loyalty to this game.

Having said that, The OG’s, as well as the new buyers who are starting off fresh with THE DIVISION 2, are in for some surprises.



  • A post-apocalyptic scenario with plenty of survivors to save, the gamers are in for some decent action.
  • Consisting of NPCs who would require your help, opportunities for side quests and undertaking projects which will give you access to Blueprints and other rewards if you can gather up certain supplies and bring them back.
  • SETTLEMENTS also offer new traders and recruitable NPCs which in turn provides access to new items and perks. The inclusion of such projects makes your time worthwhile and rewarding.


  • This is one thing which one has to experience to know it totally. But putting it into words, the Devs have made this edition, always keeping the endgame in mind.
  • It consists of the new High Ranking Specializations who come with power weapons, Invaded missions which are the same missions from the earlier part of the game, but this time with highly tough enemies called BLACK TUSKS.
  • Characters are also much more customizable and more variant in terms of gadgets with a wide range of skill sets.


  • Regarding it as one of the most welcomed changes, chances are high that you won’t feel like you have wasted time if you are killed off at the time of loot extraction.
  • As THE DIVISION 1 players can attest that nothing is worse than losing your loot after sinking your allies in the DARKZONE.
  • NOW you can pick up UNCONTAMINATED LOOT which you can keep or use without the process of extraction first. CONTAMINATED LOOT can still be found and extracted but it will be reserved for rarer gear.

Keen to go rogue??
Well, DIVISION 2 has new rewards for players who do so as you will have access to open up unique vendors throughout the


  • The first thing to notice is that there are more varied environments than before including the addition of deer and raccoons running amok.
  • Patrolling friendlies, Ownership of Control Point containing supplies full of loot and having WASHINGTON D.C as your base of operations to defend and rebuild is pretty awesome!
  • There is also a decent focus on visiting the landmarks and  Mission to STEAL THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. (P.S a reference to the film “National Treasure” and Nicolas Cage)


THE DIVISION 2 Devs addressed the complaints regarding the bullet absorbing enemies.
Weaker enemies are now fairly Squishy & easy to take down while tougher Enemies carry armors which need to be shot down before going in for the kill.
This changes the mindset of the player because no one has to be strategic about where to land those shots.
We always love to empty the clip on those big heavy dudes but this time we get the fruits for the labor.


  • NOW, Before you get too impressed with the above features, let us bring the focus back to the actual experience because if you don’t like the approach of the game, all these features won’t matter.


to make a great first impression just like the previous edition because of the fact that there is actually not much in the storyline of this game. At any point in time during a  cut-scene or during a real character introduction it is less engaging.

But this time around on the contrary to the previous editions you can reach the endgame, set up your base and you are good to go. Allowing the gamer to “breathe” and take in all the action he/she can get, one can build their own story, so to speak.


Not a big fan of those grenade throws though. Also one of the things the buyers may not like about the game mechanics.


It is simplified in DIVISION 2 and less probable to be found out in the wild as compared to DIVISION 1. But its nothing a die-hard gamer can’t ignore.

To Conclude, we think the game serves its purpose greatly, that is, it keeps you engaged, keeps you playing, keeps you shooting and looting and has fun while doing all these.
With loads of content like THE DARKZONE with its unique RANKING SYSTEM, building SETTLEMENTS, Map Size in general combined with the PVP modes, the first impressions are pretty good. But we have to wait and see what it turns out to be in the long run.

For the Buyers

Its a game worth trying as the Devs got the formulas totally right in maintaining the name and franchise.

We hope this clears out some of the dilemmas you may have had if you have not purchased THE DIVISION 2 yet.

Thanks for reading!

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