The Ghost Train | All Game Endings Explained

For The Ghost Train players, at the end of the game, you will need to choose who to call from a payphone. Only one of the choices leads to a good ending, but all of them provide extra story bits. This guide provides the full script for all the calls so that you don’t have to replay the last chapter seven times over.

The Ghost Train Game Endings and Calls Explained


All choices apart from calling home lead to the same, “bad” ending. The option to call “home” and achieve the “good” ending will not unlock if the player doesn’t speak to the old man sitting on a bench inside the station, right at the start of the level.

This guide preserves the original spelling.

(using the phone)

This phone booth only accepts 10 and 100 yen coins

I have a 10 yen and a 50 yen coin

Seems like I’ve only got one chance

Who should I call?



(I should call my coworker.)

(He’s usually willing to help me out.)

“Ah. ∙∙∙∙∙∙Hello?”

Hello? Is this Sho? It’s Tanaka.

“Mr. Tanaka? What’s wrong? Why are you calling me at such a time?”

Hey I need you to come pick me up somehow-


(What is that sound?)

(I think I hear a woman crying over Sho’s phone)

Hey is someone crying near you?

“Eh….Yeah. That’s my girlfriend crying.”

“She sometimes starts crying when remembering things”

What do you mean?

“That’s right. It’s cute, isn’t it? In middle school, her friend would always get bullied by some students from another school”

“She would remember that and start crying”

“Well, it’s something that happened way back.”

“Her friend is from Kuma No Tsume Middle School.”

Kuwa No Tsume…

That’s the school my wide went to…

“Yeah my girlfriend… She’s always like that.”

“Always lending an ear to those who need it.”


(The phone hung up.)

(It was hard to understand his situation, but if his girlfriend was crying, he wouldn’t be able to pick me up anyway.)

(I have no change left.)

(I guess I have no choice but to walk along the tracks)

(How long will this take?)


“Hello? This is Kato.”

(Mr. Kato is my boss at work.)

(At his request, everyone calls him Kato-Senpai.)

(Most of his subordinates are young, but he’s well respected.)

(I can tell that he cares about his workers on a personal level.)

Kato-senpai. It’s Kensuke Tanaka.

“Kensuke? What’s happening?”

Senpai, do you have a moment?

“Sure. Oh! Speaking of which, when you were in elementary school, you remember Daishi Michishita, your classmate?”

“Or was it Daishi Takahashi”

Yes I do…

(Why now!? Now is not the time!)

“I know it’s a thing in the past”

“But I can’t stop thinking about him suddenly.”

“The poor guy, his parents went through a divorce.”

“And I remember his dad would always bring some cicadas in a bug cage”

“I vividly remember how happy he was when he would receive his father’s gift”

“But why Daishi… Why would you disappear like that?”

“And just now it came to me that you might know something”

“I remember one time he mentioned your name he-”


(The phone hung up.)

(I was hoping he’d pick me up, but I couldn’t say anything.)

(What am I doing?)

(I have no coins left.)

(I decided to walk along the tracks for the time being.)

(How long will this take?)



Hey, is this Chow? It’s me Kensuke…

“Oh! Ken-chan! I remember you!”

(Chow has been a great friend since elementary school. His real name is Chashima Uta.)

(I like him. He’s trustworthy, energetic, caring, you name it)

“Why’d you call me? Were you thinking about me?”

“Well I’m just watching TV. It’s featuring some rare cicadas or something.”

(Cicadas huh…)

(I’m not good with cicadas. I remember one student would always bring them to school…)

“In sixth grade I-”

(Yes. That was in sixth grade. The kid would bring them in an bug cage.)

(I would understand if it was some stag beetles, but why cicadas? They’re so loud and annoying…)

“Oh! And about the kid with the bug cage”

“I remember you would kill all of them during recess”

“That was a bit cruel don’t you think? Haha!”

No, that was…

“Daishi would cry a lot about it.”

“To be honest with you”

“I was a little scared of you back then.”

“Well not anymore though!”


(I’m glad he’s not taking it seriously)

(My mind wasn’t in the right place back then)


(But that’s not important)

(I need him to pick me up)

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“I need you to-”

(It hung up)

(Ugh. What am I doing…)

(I have no change left.)

(I guess I have no choice but to walk along the tracks)

(How long will this take?)


(Calling a taxi is the right thing to do)

“Thank you for calling Tsuru Taxi”

(It’s a female voice. That’s quite rare. Most taxi drivers I’ve seen are men.)

I’d like to request a ride.

“Where should we pick you up?”

Well from what I can see… I’m in a station called Kisaragi.


“Never heard of it.”

(What kind of attitude is that?)


(If you don’t know, why don’t you search for it?)

“May I get your name please?”

I’m Tanaka. Kensuke Tanaka.

“Mr. Tanaka? Are you Eiko Tanaka’s husband?”

Yes, but…

“Oh, so you are! I’m Kaya, a friend of Eiko.”

(Kaya is a friend of my wife since back in middle school.)

“It’s been two years since the incident. I guess it’s the time to tell you this.”

“Eiko’s been feeling very regretful of what happened in the past.”

“She really didn’t want her husband to know…”

The past? What happened in the past?

“It was when we were in 8th grade, our group…”



(The phone hung up before she could explain anything.)

(At least I was able to let her know the name of this station.)

(But why do I have the feeling that she’ll never come?)

(What was Eiko hiding from me?)

(No matter the secret, I would never hate her.)

(I have no change left.)

(I guess I have no choice but to walk along the tracks)

(How long will this take?)

Train Station

(The station should be able to help me out)

“Thank you for calling. This is Tori No Ha Station”

Yes, so I just got on the final ride to the Usagi Station…

“Thank you for using our service. Did you lose something?”

No. I’m calling because the train didn’t stop at the station I was supposed to get off at…

“I’m sorry to hear that…”

And I don’t know where I am. I just want to go home.

“I’m sorry. Which station are you on right now?”

It’s called uhh…. Kisaragi station!

“Kisaragi is it? Please wait a moment.”

Please hurry…

(To my surprise, she replied almost immediately.)

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t find any station called Kisaragi.”

What? But I clearly saw the name!

(The phone hung up)

Are you saying this station doesn’t even exist?

I’m in Kisaragi right now. There’s no doubt about that.

That station worker probably thinks it’s a prank call or something.

(I have no change left.)

(I guess I have no choice but to walk along the tracks)

(How long will this take?)


(It’s probably not a bad idea to call the local police station)

“This is Ino No O Police Station. How can we help?”

(A familiar voice. I’ve been to that station)

It’s me, Kensuke Tanaka…

“Ahh! Kensuke!”

“Let me guess. Is it about your wife again…?”

N, No∙∙∙∙∙∙

“We’ve been investigating her case but there hasn’t been anything significant…”

No. It’s not about her.

“Hmm… Has it been 2 years already?”

(Is he even listening?)

(I don’t have much time.)

( Have to tell him my situation.)

(I like his work ethic, but he has a bad habit of speaking before listening to others)

“She suddenly disappeared, correct?… I feel you. But never give up. Surely there’s a way∙∙∙∙∙∙”

(The phone hung up)

(I have no change left.)

(I guess I have no choice but to walk along the tracks)

(How long will this take?)


(I know that no one would answer.)


(But I have to follow what Mr. Shuimizu told me)

“Yes. Hello?”



(I can’t believe someone answered.)

(Who could it be?)

“Uhm…Hello? Who is this?”

(This voice…)

(I know this voice…)

(There’s no doubt about it.)

(It’s my wife.)

(How could this be?)

(I called this number many times.)

(Hoping that someone would answer.)

(But no one ever would.)

“Umm∙∙∙∙∙∙Excuse me?”

(I should hurry)

(I only got a few seconds until my minute is up)


When did you come home?

I’ve been looking for you ever since you left.

(It’s hard holding back my tears)


(Now is not the time…)

“∙∙∙∙∙∙Kensuke? Where are you?”

K…Kisaragi. I’m at Kisaragi.


“Kisaragi Station?”

“No…Don’t tell me…”

What do you mean?

What did I do?


“So… you too….”

“I know exactly where you are.”

“Stay right there.”

“I’ll be there soon.”

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2 thoughts on “The Ghost Train | All Game Endings Explained”

  1. Is there any explanation on what happened in the good and bad endings? I played through them all but I want to know what was happening, some friends say he’s dead and was taking a ride to hell or heaven.

    1. I can tell you a back story about the Kisaragi Station. You can draw a conclusion after that. A woman gets on a midnight train, it doesn’t stop where it’s supposed to, she panics and gets off at Kisaragi [devil/demon?] Station. She wanders around, calls her parents, posts on 2ch looking for help. No one can find the station or what train she could have possibly gotten on. She ends up getting followed by a festival of ghosts and running into a train tunnel. She ends up hurt, lost, and confused and takes a ride from a stranger, and is never heard from again.
      Over time the story has been morphed into the Japanese version of a ghost train, a rail line ridden by spirits on their way to the afterlife. In the west, it’s usually the stop after the last stop, but in Japan, it’s a bit different.

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