The Medium | Ultrawide Resolution Fix (PC)

If you are playing The Medium or watching gameplay, you may have noticed that the Game does not Support Ultrawide Resolution. We aim to fix that, in this guide. It involves some game file editing so do it at your own risk. I would recommend that you take a backup of the original files before trying this one. Let’s see how to do it!

If you want to fix Ultrawide Resolution for Horizon: Zero Dawn, here is a small guide for you.

Ultrawide Fix for The Medium (PC)

If you are familiar with Editing Hex values, you may have an idea of how to do it in the first place. For the new players out there, I will show the default resolution for the game the Hex values you need to replace it with according to your preferences. But before proceeding, You should download HxD to Edit the game file Hex values in the first place. Note that this is 3rd Party Freeware so download it at your own discretion.

After downloading it, Open Medium-Win64-Shipping.exe with HxD and Click Search > Replace > Hex-values. Search for 3B 8E E3 3F. Now You can replace this value with any of the Hex values depending on your preferred Ultrawide resolution:

  • 8E E3 18 40 for 3440×1440;
  • 00 00 A0 3F for 1280×1024;
  • CD CC CC 3F for 1440×900;
  • 26 B4 17 40 for 2560×1080;
  • 39 8E 63 40 for 3840×1080;
  • 9A 99 19 40 for 3840×1600;
  • 00 00 A0 3F for 4120×1024;
  • 39 8E 63 40 for 5160×1440;
  • AE 47 A1 40 for 5292×1050;
  • AB AA AA 40 for 7680×1440
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Click on Search Direction “All”. Now Select “Replace All” and it should replace the 4 hex values. Select OK and then click Save (Ctrl+S) and you’re good to go!

Some issues you may face

These are some reported issues (minor) which you may face if you use this method. The Mouse prompts may be slightly out of place (on an offset). The Pre-rendered cutscenes are stretched, but you may find that the in-game ones are not stretched. These are just small issues and bearable for most parts if you want to play this on Ultrawide Resolution

When you go into the Split mode, you will notice a black box on the right side. This will not appear if you are not in the split mode. So, you should be fine for most parts that do not involve a split mode. Except for these minor issues, the game works fine in Ultrawide and you can enjoy it thoroughly.

To conclude, I think it is a disappointment for the players who were previously expecting an Ultrawide Resolution support from the Devs themselves. But as told by them, it will not be officially supported from their side for this franchise. Do mention what you think about this step in the comments below. Thanks for reading and adios until next time!

8 thoughts on “The Medium | Ultrawide Resolution Fix (PC)”

  1. Robert Janiszewski

    What a wasted opportunity. Gaming with two perspectives simultaneously and no 21:9 support, that’s crazy wasteful

    1. Yes. It was kind of a let down from the devs. I was expecting 21:9 also. Games like Blair Witch also has widescreen support to enjoy it.

  2. I tried this and after a short time returned to how the game is normally, here’s why.

    During side by side split sequences it just moves everything to the left side of the screen with a larger black bar on the right side. No change in how wide each split scene is.

    The button for the items you interact with are offset by quite a bit. This breaks immersion and doesn’t let you know exactly what the button is for. Of course you can figure it out, but here I am on the driver’s side of the car and the “X” to open the hood is on the ground by the passenger side of the car. Yet, you have to stand on the driver’s side to open it.

    I am still very disappointed this game lacks true ultrawide support, such a missed opportunity.

    1. Yes this is just a temporary workaround. Unfortunately the game devs have already rejected the idea of a widescreen.

  3. Also, there seemed to be framerate stuttering with this change that I didn’t notice without this change. This was using a 3080 at 3440×1440 with a g-sync monitor.

    1. Ah I see. Then your best bet would be to play around with the settings, and avoid this fix overall. The last thing you would want is a bad gaming experience.

  4. Hi, im just wondering how I “open with hxd”, when I enter the Medium-Win64-Shipping.exe it only allows me to open with microsoft edge and other microsoft apps.

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