The Room 4: Old Sins | Attic (Foyer) Full Walkthrough

The Room 4: Old Sins

Great news for all ye detectives out there! The Room 4: Old Sins is finally releasing on PC. With all the new puzzles for you to solve, this game will keep your brain cells charged for hours! Here in this walkthrough, we will show you how to complete the first episode in the game called Foyer. So tarry not, jump right into this guide.

How To Clear The First Episode(Foyer) In The Room 4: Old Sins

The game opens up right where it left off in the previous installment, i.e. the Attic. In this attic you will find the clues to complete your first assignment. So do read the full guide patiently.

When you start a new game, it will show you inside the attic. The room will be a very dark one and the first two objects that you see will be a floodlight and your briefcase. You will have to turn on the floodlight for a better view but it will be broken. Just open your case and pick up your screwdriver. But before you repair the floodlight, do go through the items in your suitcase to give you more clues about the storyline.

Once you complete reading the story in your diary, you will hear thunder and see something mysterious on the left of the room. Just open the back of the floodlight with your screwdriver, pull back the panel fully and complete the circuit to turn its power back on. This should be easy enough for PC users. The light will reveal a dollhouse which takes us to the next part of our mystery.

The next part of your assignment will be to investigate the dollhouse. Zoom in on the front gate and turn the lock which will open up the gate. When you open the gates fully the front door of the house will be opened but your vision will be blocked by something obscure. Go to the right side of your case and flip the switch. This will reveal a very important object in your inventory called The Eyepiece. Go to your inventory and flip down the switch on the right side of the eyepiece to reveal it fully.

Use the eyepiece to reveal a hidden clue in your notes ” Break the seal, find the null”. Then use it to inspect the obscure blue-green area in the front door of the dollhouse. You will find a messed up hall-way through it. Use the mouse to move the furniture along the lines. The chair should be put back, the painting slid up the wall and the chandelier straightened towards the middle. This will reveal the front of the house for you. You will enter the house and find the first level inside, The Foyer.

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You will find an old book on the table along with another object. Inspect the contents of the old book for more story details. Now the box or a clock-like object that you find contains the next clue. Zoom in on its underside and spin the dial. This will provide the next object in the game, a brass mechanical coin. You will notice that the coin has a different shape if you pull its side up. Now put it in the center of the table piece object where you will find a similar pattern to the coin.

This will reveal some constellations and a symbol which you have to align perfectly. Use the outer dial and the bottom dial to change the positions until they match perfectly. Once you do this, it will give you another object, the family crest. Now just zoom out to the outside of the dollhouse and go right to the top of it and place the family crest. Two statue podiums will be revealed. One of them is a stag. Rotate the stag until it lines up with the arrows.

This will give you a silver mechanical coin. The coin also has a unique pattern like the brass one. Take the silver coin and place it on the back of the table-piece object with a similar pattern. Use your eyepiece all along. Align the next constellation with the symbol at the center. Then you can collect an ornate metal panel. After this, a new puzzle will be revealed to you much like the mobile game Gardenscapes. You will have to rotate the outer dial to unlock the buttons and click open the locks in the middle and press the similar colored buttons one after another. This is how you solve this puzzle. There will be 3 stages. Once you are done and dusted with this part it will reveal the final object in this entire level which will complete the Foyer. A Strange Artifact.

That’s all we have in this game guide. If you face any difficulty while following the instructions of this guide then be sure to reach out to us. We will definitely help you out. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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