This Spike Plant Spot on Pearl Can Get You Easy Wins in Valorant

Pearl is the newest map that has been added to Valorant alongside the Episode 5 Act 1 update on June 22nd. The map is characterized by its long, narrow corridors that eventually lead up to wide, open areas, and has gained a lot of appreciation from the player base due to its interesting visuals.

Since the new Valorant map Pearl is still in its early stages, Valorant players have been busy exploring all sorts of tricks that they can use to score some easy MMR in the competitive shooter by Riot Games.

Today, we’re gonna take a look at a new Spike plant spot that can potentially get you some easy-round wins on the Attacker side of Pearl.

Valorant Pearl Secret Plant Spot With Sage

When on the Attacker side on Pearl, players can perform a secret Spike plant to secure a few rounds.

You or your teammate will need to play Sage to be able to execute this plant properly in Valorant, but if done correctly, you’ll leave your enemies confused as you get some easy-round wins in the game.

To do the trick, players need to go to the A-site on Pearl and make sure that the entirety of the CT-side (Secret and Dugout) is clear.

Once done, they can simply go to the edge of the Stairs on the back of the A-site leading to the dugout and plant the Spike. Before planting the Spike, make sure that you’re facing the stairs and not the site when you’re planting.

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If done correctly, the Spike will be planted outside of the A-site and on the stairs. The Stairs can then be walled off by the Sage, which means that the Defenders are left with no other option than to come from the CT-Spawn or break the wall segments.

If you’re lucky, the Defenders won’t even be able to tell where the Spike is planted for the first few seconds, since the spot is extremely uncommon.

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That will be all from this guide on Spike Plant Spot on Pearl Can Get You Easy Wins in Valorant. Thanks for reading and stay posted with us for more of such content!

Last Updated on July 2, 2022

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