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The following is a complete Gear guide for the mobile game Tomb Raider Reloaded. Owing to its popularity, I decided to make a guide regarding the gear sets in this action-adventure game. I have also shared some useful tips regarding the weapons and outfits in this game. Do check them out at your own leisure and let me know how you liked this guide.

All You Need To Know About Gear In Tomb Raider Reloaded

Lara has 7 inventory slots: Weapon, Two ammo slots, Bracelet, Ultimate attack, Backpack, Necklace, and an Outfit slot. Note that the two ammo slots are interchangeable, however, there are more ammo types than slots so you won’t get full coverage.

How To Obtain Gear

You can buy crates and other loot packages in the store. Want free gear? Here are the ways you can obtain free gear:

  • You can get one free ordinary crate that will drop a common or uncommon gear item per day, and access it in the shop.
  • Enemies will drop gear after you kill them sometimes (although it’s extremely rare).
  • After you complete the wheel spin, you get an ordinary crate as one of the slots, so it has a chance to drop.
  • Completing your daily dash objectives every day. You will be rewarded with a weekly dash crate which could have gear in it.
  • Buy premium currency crates in the store with the premium currency you obtained for free while playing the game.

Rarity Types Of Gear

There are 4 rarity types: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic. You level them up by spending coins and manuals. The number of coins and manuals it takes to level up a gear item increases as it levels. Common items max out at level 20, Uncommon at level 30, Rare at level 40, and Epic at level 50.

On top of having a higher max level, the rarer version of the gear (e.g. Uncommon) will also have a better base stat (e.g. a level 20 Rare will have better stats than a level 20 Common). It can also have better passive abilities (e.g. better dodge chance) and sometimes additional ones.

How To Get Back Money By Dismantling Gear

An enemy dropped a Rare weapon. Was all my money and manuals upgrading that common gun I’ve been using wasted? Luckily no. If you click on the weapon (or any other gear item) inside the gear tab, you will see an option to dismantle the gear. If you do so, you will get back a decent chunk of the coins and manuals you put in. You don’t get 100% back, but you get a good chunk.

If you put all the money and manuals you got into your new better weapon, the end stats will be better. Hell, the starting point might be better depending on how much of an upgrade it was (e.g. did you get an Epic to replace a Common).

Note: As of the time of writing this, the dismantling gear page (“this is what you will get are you sure you want to do this”) caps the coin display at 5 digits. So if you break down a really high-level piece of gear like saying a level 20 gear item, it might say you will get 30500 coins if you break it down when you really get 300500.

How To Get Epic Gear

There are a couple of ways you can obtain epic or just better than common and uncommon gear:

  • Purchase incredible crates from the shop. Incredible crates will drop the uncommon or better gear and have a chance to drop rares and epics. They cost 300 gems. Or you can buy a 10 pack for 2800 gems. If you buy a 10 pack, you will be guaranteed at least one epic from those 10.
  • Get very lucky with enemy drops or the weekly dash crates. Both have a chance of dropping an epic gear item.

How To Craft Better Gear

There is a craft button inside the gear tab. You craft gear by taking 3 of the exact same gear type and from that, you can craft the next rarity up of that gear type. For example, if you take 3 common dual pistols you can craft 1 uncommon dual pistol.

It has to be the exact same gear. You can’t take 3 random common weapons and get an uncommon weapon. It has to be 3 common shotguns, 3 common dual pistols, etc.

Leveling Up Gear

If you have 3 of the same gear type that you can craft into better gear, but you’ve been leveling one up, will you lose that progress? No, when you craft a gear item, the level of the new rarer crafted gear item will be equal to the highest level gear item you used to craft.

For example, if you have a level 20 uncommon dual pistol and two level 1 uncommon dual pistols, putting these together will craft you 1 level 20 rare dual pistol. 

You can dismantle gear you do not want for coins and manuals. However, the more you hang onto stuff, the more you will have to craft better gear. You might want epic dual pistols, but the game might give you drops that will net you an epic shotgun first.

Gear Blueprints

What are gear blueprints for? I have not had one drop once for me. Best I can tell, you can use them to craft better weapons easier. They are like a wild card. You can use one of them interchangeably with any other 2 identical gear items to upgrade them.

E.g. two common shotguns and one common blueprint to get one uncommon shotgun. There are blueprints for every rarity type. My best guess is they have the potential to drop in crates instead of gear but are insanely rare.

Different Colors On Drops

When you kill enemies sometimes the manuals that drop are different colors. What does that mean? Up to level 30, upgrading gear requires only the regular black manuals and coins. After level 30, they require coins, regular manuals, and purple manuals. I have a feeling once you hit level 40, they will also require the gold manuals but I’m not sure of that yet.


Right now, there are two outfits in the game: Classic and Bomber Jacket. The classic outfit is unlocked by default and you unlock the bomber jacket via jacket pieces, a currency that you get from completing daily dash objectives, daily login bonus objectives, and exploration rewards from getting far enough in dungeons for the first time.

Outfits can be upgraded 2 ways:

  • leveling them up with coins and runes (the green skulls). The max level of the gear is equal to your character level. I think the max might be 50 but I’m not sure. I’m only level 39 so far.
  • completing objectives to unlock perks. Each outfit has 4 perks that can be unlocked by completing a dungeon with that outfit equipped. E.g. complete The Lost Valley with the classic outfit equipped. These give you minor boosts like increasing attack power or HP. Right now the 4th perk for the Bomber Jacket requires completing a world that hasn’t been unlocked yet.

You cannot break down what you have put into one outfit to put it in another like you can weapons. So keep that in mind.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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