Top 10 Brand New Things You Can Do In FIFA 21

What’s up, guys? Welcome back to a brand new post. Today we are going to show you some brand new things you can do in FIFA 21. Let’s get right into it. Hope you guys enjoy it!

10 New Things You Can Do In FIFA 21

1. No-Look Passes

You can finally do no-look passes in FIFA 21. This is a very nice addition because the animation looks amazing! One simply cannot wait to pull this off in some matches!

2. Pitch Lines

If you’re playing a game where it’s snowing for example in career mode or kick-off, then the lines on the pitch will automatically update it’s colors to make it more visible and easier to see.

3. Goal Scoring Songs

There is also the brand new goal-scoring songs. So if you for example play with Dortmund you will be able to hear a new song immediately after scoring a goal! Try this out!

4. Opposition Mocking Goalkeepers

There are also brand new ways of mocking the opposition players as a goalkeeper when they are taking penalties. These are all very funny stuff so we recommend checking them all out!

5. Proper Celebrations

We cannot go without mentioning the brand new and proper celebrations. This is probably hands down the greatest celebrations we have seen in the history of FIFA.

6. Late Goal Reactions

If you now concede or score a late winning goal in a match the players are going to be dropping on the ground and yeah they do not look too happy!

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7. Artificial Grass

You can now also decide if you want to play on artificial grass or real turf. Basically, the only change to this is that it looks a bit different in-game. It doesn’t really change how the ball moves or something. But still, a nice addition because it looks realistic since many stadiums now use artificial turfs. But in real life players don’t like to play on artificial grass because of injuries or something. Don’t know if it works in the game.

8. Brand New Rabona

There’s a brand new animation for the Rabona especially when he shoots so it’s very effective to score with the Rabona this year because the animation looks very satisfying.

9. Lewandowski Animation

Talking about animations, Robert Lewandowski also has new free-kick and penalty styles. So for the free-kick he sort of jumps before shooting so that’s a pretty cool one! Absolutely love that one! You guys should definitely try that out. It’s a pretty satisfying free-kick, to be honest, and then there is also the penalty where he does something like a hop before taking the kick. So many players are using this sort of “pause” thingy before taking their kicks so it has been included in the game this year.

10. Volta Stadium

There is also a brand new Volta arena added to the game. This is sort of like the FIFA Streets, an indoor arena where you can display your skills. The pitch is sort of like in a dark mode where it lights up every time you score/concede a goal. Try this out and let me know if you liked it.

That’s pretty much everything we had to share in this post. Let us know if you liked it and we will be back with more such content. Till then, have a nice day!

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