Torchlight 3 – How to get and use Pets

With update 7 of Torchlight 3, getting and using Pets will become more exciting. Players would be able to acquire new pets, swap them, get skills for the pets, and attach it to them. Pets have and in the future will become an integral part of a Players’ gameplay.

As you progress along, you can unlock even more pets and do various customizations and swapping with them.

How to get Pets in Torchlight 3

When you begin playing Torchlight 3 with any of the available classes, you have the option to pick from three Pets namely: an Owl, an Alpaca, and a Retriever.

As you pick a pet and progress along in the game, you have the chance to unlock more new pets. The way it works is by rescuing these pets from locked up prisons. Your job will be to rescue them and recruit them to aid in your long adventure.

As the developers push even more DLC updates and new content, expect to see and get even more Pets in Torchlight 3. Their Update 7 called “Beast Buddies” will get the ball rolling this June 23. Each Pet is randomly generated so if you are looking for a Pet with a particular train like color or skills, play the game more, search for it until you get it!

How to use the Pets in Torchlight 3

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  • After finding and rescuing the pets you will be given 3 options:
    • Send Home
    • Swap
    • Release Pet.
  • Simply pick the action you want to do. Send Home will send the pet back to the fort. The swap will swap the rescued pet for your current pet and Release Pet will release it in the Wild.
  • Your pet shelter will allow for more options to interact with the pet and customize it as per your requirements.
  • There are also certain skills that can come in handy for the players so keep an eye out for your preferred one.
  • These pets will not only aid you in battles but will also carry items for you, which you can sell later on.

In conclusion, there is still more to come with the introduction of the new pet system in Torchlight 3. We will possibly update or add a new post as more content unfold in Torchlight 3s’ Update 7: Beast Buddies.

That is all!

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