Train Station Renovation | How To Unlock New Stations After Update

For Train Station Renovation players, this is a guide on how to unlock new stations after the recent update. If you updated your game and now your save-game is gone, but you want to play the new 5 levels/stations, this guide will help you to unlock the new stations with a new save-game.

How To Unlock New Stations With New Savegame In Train Station Renovation

How To Unlock New Savegame After Update

  • Start the game and create a new profile with your logo and name.
  • Save the game and exit the game.
  • Go to: C:\Users\yourName\AppData\LocalLow\Live Motion Games\TrainStationRenovation\Save
  • Open your savegame with wordpad or notepad
  • Search for “Station 11” or what level you wanna unlock.
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 The last level (15)  looks like:

  • “$type”: “TSR.GameData.StationInfo, Assembly-CSharp”,
  • “ID”: 14,
  • “Name”: “Station 15”,
  • “canContinueRenovation”: false,
  • “cashForRepairsOnThisStation”: 50000,
  • “playerHaveAnyContainer”: false,
  • “state”: 1,
  • “stationSaveData”: null
  1. Here you have to look for line “state” and replace the “0” with a “1”
  2. Repeat that for all stations you wanna unlock (1-15).
  3. Save file and start game, where you can load that savegame.

Now you have access to the new levels without playing the older ones again, or whatever level you have unlocked.

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That’s all we are sharing today in Train Station Renovation | How To Unlock New Stations After Update, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.
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