Train Station Renovation | Segregation expert Achievement (Easy Way)

This guide is for all the Train Station Renovation players who want to get the Segregation expert Achievement Easy Way. You do not have to start the game all over again just to get this particular achievement. We have some steps you can follow, that makes this achievement simply and quick to get, so keep reading…

How to Get Segregation expert Achievement Easy Way

  1. Launch Train Station Renovation.
  2. Start a new game.
  3. Start a level.
  4. Exit the level to the main menu ( A savegame will be automatically created).
  5. Exit the game.
  6. Open your folder C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Live Motion Games\TrainStationRenovation\Save.
  7. Edit file with any text editor (For Example Notepad).
  8. In the file, search for “amountOfSegregableTrash”.
  9. Put “199″ to its value.
  10. Save and close the file.
  11. Launch the game again.
  12. Reload the savegame named Autosave.
  13. Return to your last played level.
  14. Drag one or two segreable trash in the correct trash collector (For example green bag in the green compartment).
  15. Empty the trash then the achievement will be triggered in a few seconds.
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That is all for this guide. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one. Adios!

By Vorador

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