Trine 4: Nightmare Prince Performance Lag fix

The top-selling Trine series has come back to its players. This time with Nightmare Prince and the game is getting quite a few positive responses so far.

One of the things which the game still needs improvement in is the optimization of graphics. As reported by players, they are having long loading times, pixelated game graphics, Low-resolution rendering, and UI of the game not being smooth at all. This is mostly happening because the game is loading up the integrated graphics of the game rather than the onboard graphics. So in this fix/guide, we will show a method to make the game run smoothly again.



Trine 4: Lag/ Performance Issues FIX


Trine 4 lag and performance fix step 1:

  • The first thing you would want to do is open NVIDIA Control Panel, by right-clicking on your Desktop screen.

trine 4 performance lag fix





Trine 4 lag and performance fix step 2:

  • Next up, head over to Manage 3D settings and click on the Program Settings Tab.

trine 4 performance lag fix 2





Trine 4 lag and performance fix step 3:

  • Click on Add and select trine4.exe from the drop-down menu.

trine 4 performance lag fix 3





Trine 4 lag and performance fix step 4:

  • From the drop-down menu select a High-performance NVIDIA processor. And then just press Apply and OK. That all you need to do to switch the graphics from integrated to onboard graphics.

trine 4 performance lag fix 4

Note that, in the above screenshot it says chrome.exe. Yours should say trine4.exe and then do the above step for that executable specifically.

Follow the above steps correctly, and enjoy trine 4 The nightmare prince without any performance or lag issues. If the game already selects the dedicated GPU by default then you do not need to do all these steps. Play as it is!


Thanks for reading!

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