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Welcome to a pre-release edition of BEFORE YOU BUY, with TROPICO 6! set to drop on 29th March 2019 across PC, PS4/XBOX ONE,MAC,LINUX & STEAM OS.  This article can help you with some insight and knowledge before you pre-order or purchase the game after the release. We will come up with a BEFORE YOU BUY, post launch also, depending on the response.


Limbic Entertainment, a company well known for making games like The Anno series and The Might And Magic series are set to bring in a new addition to their TROPICO series with their release of TROPICO 6. The games release date has been pushed back from January all the way to March and the reason was that they had to tweak and add extra layers of work on the Multiplayer, simulation and economy of the overall game.

The game is basically a construction and management simulator and a new addition to their decent doing series of TROPICO which if we check, has a good fan base and averages to ratings of around 75/100.
Similar to other series, you take up the role of “El presidente” , the leader of the Caribbean nation of TROPICO. As the president you would be needed to do a lot of things such as check on some prison issues, houses set on fire, dusting of crops, and interacting with other nations to grow your own. You can also come out to your balcony and give out speeches just to let the people know who is their boss! or for generally addressing them. Interesting to note is that you can actually select what to say to the people by choosing from a list of speeches.

Customization of your “El presidente” is a cool aspect of this game as you gear up to give The people! Your people! a speech or two and look good while doing it. Having said that, the player may have to walk some distance to actually go somewhere which takes quite sometime. The transport system is either messed up or the devs will release a post launch update to address this issue which, i think, quite a few players will face and write them up about.

The Pirate Cove was also a cool thing to introduce as you can send your pirates out to rob the vast stretch of ocean, ending up in other countries to get some carton, liquor or just capture renowned landmarks which includes the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Stonehenge and many more. The devs have also added new islands as compared to the previous edition of TROPICO which had less, so yes that’s a bonus. Since these are just the Beta versions and the devs are testing the response of the users there is scope for work and improvement, given that the players actually respond with correctly justified issues.

There are 15 mission maps with their own story lines and features unique to the particular map. Built an island but now what? well you can connect them using bridges with ease and you will be all set. As you keep going with new maps you get introduced to new buildings creating that progressive feel. You would require people to actually work on such bodies to actually make them work, from the docks to the offices all the way to the power plants require people.. Your people!


New additions include cable cars which will help you get the most out of the map as you go on designing it vertically as compared to developing your maps on a flat 2-D like map. The players will also like the fact that you can connect islands with the cable cars and literally unify two islands with a piece of big-ass wire.


Customization of  “El Presidente’s” palace is also a cool feature added to the game starting from Hologram of the president, to helipads, to gardens and many more. Not to miss that you can relocate an entire palace due to shortage of space or,  just personal preference.


As told earlier,The raids and heists by Tropicans are some of the additions made to this game. BUT! be careful as the ones you send to fetch loots can rebel against you and demand for certain things which you will have to fulfill  to get hold of their possession. The world wonders they bring will have unique game features also and attract tourists which in turn will help the player generate revenue for the nation.


The Broker is a new addition to the game who helps the president negotiate with others to avoid certain or potential conflicts. And no one wants a rebellion or conflict i guess!


Prisons can also fetch you some revenue but this time you will get that from setting up penal colonies. Increasing immigration rate will fetch you more chances to get higher revenue but that also means they are more likely to turn criminal so the players must pick wisely.


The Chocolate factory map is also introduced, and the general idea is to maybe help the players to explore the different parts of the islands a bit more. Just check overlays of crop conditions as you will need sugar and cocoa for the production and check local values of the crops as well. The varied number at the top right of the map will tell you how fertile the land will turn out to be for the specific product.

With all the new additions made to this game the players who are following the TROPICO series wont be totally disappointed with TROPICO 6, given that the devs fix certain aspects of the game.  For the followers as well as for the new players. If you have made up your mind. You wont be disappointed with the purchase if you actually want to enjoy the game.
here is the pre-order/post release link : Steam link

We hope you liked this edition of BEFORE YOU BUY and are able to decide whether to go for it or leave this one out.

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