Undead World: Hero Survival Best Team of Top Heroes

In this post, I will be going over the best heroes you can have in your team if you are a beginner in Undead World: Hero Survival. Having the correct Team composition, especially when you are new to the game, is key in this game to cracking the code of longer idle plays.

There are also certain challenges that require you to bring the best heroes and teams to survive longer. This in turn will grant you decent rewards and Diamonds. This guide is subjective and my list of the best team and top heroes can be different from yours so keep that in mind.

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Undead World: Hero Survival Best Team & Top Heroes for Beginners

undead world best team of top heroes

The first and foremost thing I will do is discuss the Top Heroes that you can have in the game. having them will automatically mean that you will have the Best Team in the game. This team composition is matter of personal preference.

Your “Best Team” can be totally different from mine which is totally fine. At the end of the day, this game depends a lot on the playstyle of a player so these can be different. Let’s check it out…

Undead World Top Heroes To Have


jones undead world top heroes

JONES is the first on my list of top heroes. Jones is a Mexican Wrestler by background and he is of EPIC rarity in the game. He has some very good stats to begin with. The aesthetics of this hero is also great which makes it pleasing on the eye to play.

JONES has the ability to reduce the overall stats of the enemies. He achieves this by throwing down a ring in the middle. If any zombie enters this ring, its stat reduces significantly giving the team the advantage.


abigail undead world top heroes

ABIGAIL is the next in the list of top heroes for me in Undead World. If you are looking for a Tanky hero who can also deal decent damage, Abigail is the way to go! The chainsaw you see wreaks havoc on enemies when it is activated. She uses the full potential of that chainsaw in her ultimate move.

Her rarity is EPIC and she does justice to that rank. The perfect balance of tank and speed in my opinion with her Ultimate move.


rollo undead world top heroes

ROLLO falls in the category of Unique+. He is a rare hero but his move set is great for crowd control. He brings two additional supports with him which is very important once the zombies start stacking.

If you look closely they also seem like additional characters in Undead World, which I find pretty cool to have. These two support heroes are melee types but they sure do pack a punch when they get going. This is the only reason I consider to use a rare Hero like ROLLO.


hellen undead world top heroes

HELEN falls in the category of epic in undead worlds’ list of heroes. After she dies in-game, she turns into a zombie herself, which is pretty darn impressive in my opinion. She will continue fighting in that form until she dies again.

This flexibility allows you to have extra lives in clutch moments where every hero counts. Also, she grants buffs to the hero you will put on the 5th position. This is also a unique skill of hers’ which impressed me a lot. A definite hero to keep in your best team of heroes.


LITA undead world top heroes

LITA is also an epic type hero. If you need a great support for your team, LITA is the one to go with. She can be pretty much considered a support hero due to her skills and stats. Her main skills are used to buff other heroes on your team. Having such a character is very important in your team composition.

You can swap her out with any other support hero you like, but her buffs is what made me keep her in this list. Especially her AOE moves; they can be clutch to control crowds when they start stacking up on you. She does not allows zombies to get close to her, which is an excellent characteristics of a support hero.

Best Team for Beginners in Undead World: Hero Survival

So, as you can see from the above list of best heroes, you need those 5 as your team members to make the current best team in the game. This is my personal suggestion and it can differ from yours. having that said, to sum it up, here is the team you would need or look to get:

  • JONES [Semi Tank/ Main Damage]
  • ABIGAIL [Main Tank/Damage]
  • ROLLO [Crowd Control/Decoy]
  • HELEN [Extra Life/Position 4]
  • LITA [Support/Crowd Control]

undead world best team

The way you should play it is keep the support, that is LITA at the back of the line. Keep the two main damage dealers, namely JONES and ABIGAIL at the front followed by HELEN.

ROLLO can stay at position 4 and play the role of decoy and a medium damage dealer using his two friends. HELEN will be your trump card in gaining an additional life for your team.

Make sure she is receiving a little bit of damage. She will also provide buffs to LITA which you need in this team composition.

LITA in turn will grant extra buffs to your entire team. I think you can figure out the team synergy here. Here is a video showing the team composition and the top heroes in-game: LINK

That is all I had to share in guide on the Best Team of Top Heroes for Undead World: Hero Survival. Please take note that this team composition is for those who are new to the game and do not know rerolling or other methods.

I also want to know what you think of this guide. Is your team different from this? Do let me know in the comments below.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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