Undead World Tier List of Best Heroes

In this post for Undead World: Hero Survivals I will show the Tier List of Best Heroes. This tier list is based on the abilities and performance of heroes in various aspects of the game. This is suggestive guide for the same.

Undead World Tier List of Best Heroes

Undead World Tier List Rating Criteria⇓ 

The Tier list is divided into levels or ratings. They are namely SS-Tier, S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, and C-Tier. SS-Tier: Top-of-the-line heroes with all-around abilities and performances. These are the heroes that can be defensive, offensive, and play other roles as well with ease.

S-Tier: This tier list of heroes is quite similar to that of the SS-Tier. These heroes basically lack one or two qualities that you can find complete in SS Tier.  A-Tier: Mid-tier characters you can say. These heroes are fine to play with, but the preference is put on the top two tiers in my opinion.

B-Tier:  Lacks multiple abilities and performances to make a great impact in the game. Still a good tier in my opinion, but I would highly doubt that I will play anyone from this tier.

C-Tier: This tier lacks a lot of abilities and performances you can find in the other tiers. Again, in the hands of a seasoned player, even these heroes are worth the time. But for a casual beginner or normal player, C-Tier is a red flag!

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Undead World Tier List ⇓

undead world tier list of best heroes

Table Format for Tier List ⇓

Tier RatingsBest Heroes List for Each Tier
SS-TierHelen, Astra, Conor
S-TierGabriel, Tanya, Murray, Meredith, Britney, Leigh, Nadeem
A-TierTyler, Henry, Sam
B-TierRock, Kieran, Lita
C-TierAbigail, Cady, Jones, Nils, Webster

Undead World  Tier List Explained ⇓


I will be placing her in the SS tier. Initially in her human form, she can provide a lot of healing to her allies. When she dies, she resurrects as a zombie to deal massive damage to enemies.

Resurrection grants her life steal and massive attack boost. She can even decrease the defence of enemies to deal even more damage.

Her zombie form allows her to reduce damage taken by half, which makes her an effective bruiser unit. She is definitely a superb unit, that initially starts as a supporter while transforming into a scary DPS unit after she dies.

Definitely an amazing unit for any context in the game.


He is SS tier according to me. Has an impressive support unit that can resurrect dead allies, boost all allies’ attack speed, and also grants them with 12% life steal effect. Such skills can effectively improve the sustenance of the team.

On the other hand, he can decrease the attack power of enemies significantly while, inflicting them with silence, stun and fear. This hero is superb for any context in the game.


I will be placing him in the SS tier. Luckily, he is a free starter unit. He is a very impressive tank unit, as he can grant himself with a very thick shield and a massive 95% defence boost.

His signature Armor even grants him massive damage reduction. He can even counterattack enemies to stun them.

Additionally, he even grants defence boosts to adjacent allies. With him in your team, you can expect high sustenance and durability for your team.

Definitely, he will shine in any content in the game, as he can tank a lot of damage while easily staying alive.


Definitely S tier for me. He is an offensive tank unit that can taunt and launch enemies while dealing great damage to them. He can grant a low hp ally with protection buff and hp shield.

With an improved defence, he can tank lots of damage as well. Thanks to his signature weapon, he can even grant himself with a thick shield and HP heal while knocking back an enemy. His signature equipment is very vital for his good performance.


I will be placing her in the S tier. She is an offensive unit, who can deal massive AOE damage to enemies.

Her skills reset the cooldown for her other skills, which allows her to effectively spam her multiple AOE skills on enemies very frequently. She is superb to use against mobs of enemies. She shines in PvE story content.

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Another S tier in my opinion. He is an offensive unit, who can deal massive damage to enemies while knocking them back and staggering them.

He can install traps and mines to control the enemy crowd. When his traps and mines are activated, he gains attack boost, evasion rate boost, and SP boost as well.

His signature equipment grants him impressive attack speed and evasion boost, improving his damage output even further.


I will be placing her in the S tier. She is known for granting thick shields for all allies, which is great for your team’s sustenance.

Meredith can even greatly boost the defence of her allies. She can silence the enemies while decreasing their movement speed.

Her healing herb skill can provide hp regen, CC resistance and removes all active debuffs on allies. She is a very great support unit for any content in the game.


She is S Tier. She is an offensive unit that can deal massive damage to enemies while ignoring their defence and staggering them.

Her helmet frequently provides her with damage protection and stun resistance.

She can even provide a large SP boost to all allies upon entering battle. Her signature weapon massively improves her crit rate, allowing her to frequently deal critical damage.

Her signature equipment is very vital for her good performance.


She is an amazing healer unit, who can provide massive hp recovery for all allies. She can even grant allies with an attack power boost. Thanks to her signature equipment, she can frequently heal her allies, thanks to the massive SP boost it provides.

A superb support unit indeed for every content in the game. Hence I put her in S Tier.


I will be placing him in the S tier. He is a support unit that can heal allies and grant them various random buffs with his candies.

On the other hand, his candies can also stun enemies and inflict them with various debuffs.

Thanks to a massive SP boost, he can frequently unleash his skills.


I will be placing him in A tier. He is a DPS unit that can deal massive damage while staggering and stunning enemies.

He grants himself with attack power boost and hp recovery frequently, making him an effective bruiser unit. Additionally, his signature equipment can grant him with HP/Défense boost and life steal effect as well.


A tier at most. He is an offensive unit who can gain a lot of SP boost and hp recovery for killing zombies.

This allows him to frequently unleash his skills. He can easily finish off low hp enemies with high damage and improved crit rate. After killing enemies, he gains stealth and more damage boost.


I will be placing him in A tier. He is a DPS unit, who can deal massive AOE damage to enemies while granting himself with defence, attack speed boost, and damage boost. He can stagger and slam his enemies with terrific firepower.

More the defence stats he has, more the damage he can deal.


She is a B-tier. She is an offensive unit, who can deal massive DoT damage to enemies. When she kills an enemy, she gains attack power, movement speed and SP boost.

If there are 5 or more enemies, she can gain bonus attack power and can deal bonus damage to enemies as well.


I will be placing him in the B tier. He is a DPS unit, who can inflict bleed on enemies to deal more damage.

Kieran also gains more attack power when enemies with the bleed effect die. He can even stun enemies as well. Overall, a very average DPS unit.


She gets placed in the B tier. She is a good support unit, who can boost the crit rate and damage output of allies.

On the other hand, she can stun enemies and decrease the defense of a target. She can also enable her allies to block any incoming damage.

C-Tier Heroes

  • Abigail is an average defender unit, who needs to be at low hp status to perform well.
  • Cady has lots of RNG in her skill, which makes her an unpredictable unit.
  • Jones is an average defender unit, who focuses more on dealing damage with his low attack
  • Nils is okish character in my opinion. I do not find much use of him anywhere in my personal gameplay. Maybe you can find a better use of this character. If so, let me know in the comments below.
  • Webster is an interesting DPS unit with high attack stats, but sadly low damage output
    from his ultimate skill. But he can do better against boss units.

So, what do you guys think about this tier list? If you have any opinions or feedback, then please do let me know in the comment section below.

Take note that this list can be different from yours since is based on personal opinion. Do let me know what your suggestion is in the comment section as well.

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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

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