Unfortunate Spacemen | Perks and Monsters Tier List

Unfortunate Spacemen enables you to combat the unknowns in the null and void of space. This guide will involve the Tier List for All the Perks and Monsters in the game so that beating them can become that much easier.

Tier List for Monster and Perks

Unfortunate spacemen Monster perks tier list

Tier List Category Explanation


This is the tier that is used by most of the player bases, and you would hardly find any item here which is out of place. All the listed perks can be used without hesitation in this Tier list. This Tier contains Space Milk, Titanium Claws, Janitor, Patience, and Posterior Claws.

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Right after, the best tier comes the good tier. very similar to the top tier. If the items of that section are not available to you, go for these tiers’ items. And your gaming experience will be equally enjoyable. It contains the following perks: Springy Steps, Magnetic Boots, Intake Valves, Welder, and Nocturnal


Similar to the “GOOD” tier, these perk items are actively in use by most players. Especially if you do not have access to the above tier perks, this is your go-to tier for ease of gameplay. This consists of Antibodies, Toxic Ink, Acid Monster, Medical Nanobots, and Nictitating Membrane.

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4. OK-ish

For this tier, using the perks usefully is the key to make them work. They are definitely not as effective as DECENT tier items but, it can be a proper make-shift for a lot of your loadouts. It contains the following perks: Blast Shield, Spare Keycard, Void Beast, Decorpsinator, and Chitin.

5. BAD

The item for this tier is totally optional. You do not want to own this perk due to its debuff but, you can still give it a go since it is included in the game for obvious reasons, however, our best bet would be to not use it for now. This contains only One perk called Action Hero.

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This tier list should be avoided at all costs. The item in this tier is next to no use at all since, the game is designed in such a way that, it makes this tier perk negligible. The only item in this tier is Decoy.

Conclusion and Overview

The above tier list is just a suggested one. IF you feel any change or addition to it, you can let us know in the comments below. The items are included in the game so you can definitely use them in any form or another. Feel free to experiment around and find your way to use the perks.
That would be all. Thanks for reading!

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