Unrailed! Complete Tips and Tricks Guide

These tips and tricks for Unrailed! will help you greatly to progress in games. You are about to start playing this game on PC so we suggest you check out these tips and tricks!

Complete Tips and Tricks Guide for Unrailed!

Player Roles

It is vital for each player to have their own set of roles. Communicate what role you would like to have at the beginning of the game and stick to that throughout the entire game.

Axe – For cutting trees.

Pickaxe – For mining rocks.

Track – Placing resources into the crafting cart and placing the tracks.

Bucket – Keeping the bucket filled up and monitoring the train’s temperature. You also deliver resources close to the train and are in-charge of dynamite.

When each player has their own role it also makes the challenge “Only 1 player picks up the <tool>.” a lot easier.

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Placing Tracks

When you place tracks; ensure there’s enough space on either side for you to walk past.

This avoids:

– The train blocking your path
– Separating you from much-needed tools and resources

Sometimes it’s best to place tracks in places with the least resistance. Avoid going straight through the forest or rocks, go where your path is clear.

This gives you more time to place many tracks which reduces the demand for responsibilities.

The only time you’ll need to avoid this is if you don’t have enough material to make enough tracks for the possible detour. Most of the time the path with least resistance is the path to the train station.

Carts & Upgrades

The most important part of Unrailed is getting materials to make tracks.

It is important to upgrade your 3 main default carts (storage, water, crafter) to max level before progressing onto the other biomes. The water upgrade is especially important before progressing onto the desert biome as the priority of water increases.

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The only additional carts you should buy are dynamite carts. Place all of these at the back of the train and upgrade to the max when available.

There may be other strategies out there, but this is the one I see being used in most world record attempts.

You should upgrade your train only after having the max upgrade for your 3 defaults and when you feel the train is going too fast. Once you get to the snow biome, I prefer to prioritize upgrading the train all the way to the end as fast as possible as I believe space (final) biome is easier than the snow and hell biomes.

Bolts & Challenges

At the start of every round; acknowledge the challenge and ensure everyone is aware of it, who will be in charge of completing the challenge if required.

It’s important to realize when a challenge is not worth it e.g. “Stack 40 commodities” when you’re lacking resources. Although not ideal, it’s better to skip a challenge rather than risking your train crashing.

During the round, look out for the bolt located on the map and ensure that it is collected before reaching the train station.

That’s all we are sharing now in Unrailed! Complete Tips and Tricks Guide. Do check out our new posts!
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