Unturned | Id Roleplay List Guide

A list of Ids for playing RP or Roleplay in Unturned

This guide is for those players that want to select jobs and play RP in unturned. For example, for a police officer, we have separately classified it with all the ids for hats, shirts, pants, the police car, guns and all of that is in each section. This guide is helpful for roleplay servers or minigames, for example, Police and robbers or Border Patrol RP.

Unturned: Police RP Ids

Clothes: /i or @give

Top: 223
Bottom: 224
Cap: 225
Vest: 10

Weapons: /i or @givePolice Baton: 1023
Pistol: 99
Magazine: 100Bluntforce Shotgun: 112
12 Gauge Shells: 113Vehicles: /v or @vehicleCar: 33
Motorcycle: 188
Helicopter: 106
Armored Police Truck: 802


Unturned: Prisoners RP Ids

Clothes: /i or @give

Regular clothes:

Top: 303
Bottom: 304



Top: 9037
Bottom: 9038
Hat: 9039

Vehicle: /v or @vehicle

Prison Transport SWAT Truck: 142

Unturned: Military RP Ids

Forest Military:

Clothes: /i or @give

Top: 307
Bottom: 308
Helmet: 309
Vest: 310


Vehicles: /v or @vehicle

Jeep: 87
Tank: 120
Helicopter Huey: 93


Desert Military:

Clothes: /i or @give

Top: 1011
Bottom: 1012
Helmet: 1010
Vest: 1013

Vehicles: /v or @vehicle

Jeep: 88
Tank: 121
Helicopter Huey: 94

This post is a work in progress. As we find out more about the Unturned RP ids list, we can possibly update this post. Till then we shall conclude this post. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments.

That is all!

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