V Rising: Guide to craft Leather

V Rising is one of the most popular games on the rise currently. The survival horror intertwines fighting bosses with crafting materials for leveling up. Blood Essence is vital in this regard, but another very important item is leather. It will help you progress through the game and fight newer opponents.

Though players may find it tough in the early stages, the process gets simpler once you know the full details. Keep reading to know what are the best ways and tips which will help you through getting leather in V Rising.

V Rising: Steps to get Leather how

First of all, getting leather is not an easy task. It was several steps that players need to follow in order. These include:

  1. You need to get to Gear Score 17.
  2. Once you reach this level, the game will unlock Keely the Frost Archer.
  3. Players need to beat the boss, after following it using V Blood.
  4. Go back to your operations base.
  5. Now, you have to start constructing the Tannery.
  6. The Tannery will help you purify animal hide into leather.

The first two steps are simple to follow. After that, things get a little trickier. Fret not, here’s how to go about the rest of the work.

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Beating Keely the Frost Archer boss

Keely the Frost Archer is boss with Level 20. She is a Ranged boss who has many frost-related attacks in his arsenal. Here’s how you go about fighting her:

  1. Kelly the Frost Archer can be found in a Bandit camp. Make sure to visit at night, since battles during the day are tougher.
  2. Only start the battle once your Gear Score is 17
  3. Avoid her strikes by using Dash, keeping going behind her, and do not forget to attack with the Shadowbolt.

After winning the fight, search around the camp. You should be able to get:

  • Chests.
  • Coarse Thread.

The chests will give you a good bounty and items. However, the more important one is the Coarse Thread. It will be needed while moving onto the Nightstalker stage. Therefore, keep a watchful look around the camp to make sure you do not miss any of the things required.

Constructing the Tannery

Players should go to the Refinement build menu in order to access the Tannery. You will need a few items to set up the Tannery. They include:

  1. The workbench needs eight Planks and a 16o Animal Hide.
  2. Keep it in the area.
  3. Pile on the animal hide that players get from killing animals throughout the game.
  4. The Leather will be ready in due time, that’s all you will need.

Thus, having got leather ready and producing enough of it, players will be able to level up their armor to Nightwalker. This will come in handy in fighting future battles over the game. However, make sure that you follow the steps mentioned above.

That will be the easiest way to acquire Leather in the game. Moreover, the boss is also not too difficult to beat, which gives players the added incentive as well.

Last Updated on June 4, 2022

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