V Rising: Guide to Collect Blood Essence and Greater Blood Essence

The nighttime is when vampires come to play in V Rising and the game has mastered the day/night concept brilliantly. It forces players to remain in the shadows when the sun is out. At night, you all are free to scour for materials, go after humans, and battle wildlife.

Players are constantly trying to model and fortify their castles while taking on bosses and progressing through levels. Vampires are prone to get attracted through scent, which makes tracking enemies easier.

You will need a number of resources as the game goes on, with Blood Essence and Greater Blood Essence being two key items. They are needed to keep your castle in top shape. The following guide will help you out in collecting Blood Essence and Greater Blood Essence throughout the game. 

Blood Essence and Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

How To Collect Blood Essence

Blood Essence drops from living creatures after their HP is reduced low enough. Players can press F to Feed on their enemy, and they will get Blood Essence. The amount of it will depend on the level of the creature you defeat. Blood Essence is let out by all living things in the game. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Humans
  • Deers
  • Wolves
  • Foxes, etc

However, you cannot get Blood Essence from skeletons or other vampires, since they are technically not living. Some more places to get Blood Essence from includes: 

  • Blood Essence can be got in Bandit Camps at the beginning of the game
  • Not only Feeding but defeating an Enemy works too 
  • Enemies above Level 10 drop Tainted Hearts. They contain huge amounts of Blood Essence which you can get after using the Blood Press. 
  • The Press can also be used to turn rats into Blood Essence

Blood Essence is vital to galvanize Castle Heart at the base alongside upgrading almost all the items you have. Players can select Blood Essence in the inventory and drop it over the Heart to upgrade points of crafting around the castle. 

How To Collect Greater Blood Essence

Players need the Blood Press and Hearts which are not Tainted in order to get the Greater Blood Essence. Therefore, setting up the Blood Press is essential, given it is also necessary for some portion of collecting Blood Essence. You can do it in the following manner and collect Greater Blood Essence:

  • Players can set up the Blood Press in your base castle
  • Drop your Unsullied Hearts in the Press. Four of such Hearts make one Greater Blood Essence

Players can receive Unsullied Hearts from top-level enemies during battles. Up till now, there has not been a sound way of collecting these in any other manner.

V Rising provides several interesting propositions for players to enhance their gameplay. Vampires are on the rise with a spate of recent games, and V Rising is a step in the right direction. Though it can get tedious after a while, V Rising will definitely come up with several more interesting scenarios that will challenge players.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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