V Rising: Guide To Siege And Craft Siege Golem Stone

With games launching right and left, it is hard to stand out in any particular genre. V Rising has been extremely successful in separating itself from the crowd. Its unique gameplay and gripping storyline, with a horde of bosses, crafting items, and character qualities, make it a must-play.

Apart from the normal storyline progression, there is also Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Environment (PvE) modes available.

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This gives players the chance to raid and loot other players in PvP. The following guide will help you to go sieging in V Rising through the PvP mode. It is a bit complex, but you can figure it out easily once you get the hang of it.  

V Rising: How to Siege in PvP Mode and use Stone Golem?

Firstly, the concept of raiding has been present in survival games for a long time. Elden Ring and Minecraft are two of the most recent examples. So, V Rising has also incorporated this feature in their game.

Therefore, after you finish raiding a castle/base, there’s the chance to demolish the entire place with an array of weapons and explosives. Players can find most of the same things in V Rising too. 

Here’s how you can raid a wooden base: 

  • Minor Explosive Box- Planks (6), Whetstone (3), and Sulphur (6)
  • Major Explosive Box- Reinforced Planks (6), Sulphur (9), and Gem Dust (30)

These boxes can be crafted at the Alchemy Table in the game. Moreover, Major Explosive Boxes are also extremely helpful in demolishing stone walls too, though that takes more time. 

When it comes to attacking stone castles, which are sturdier, you will need more items that are harder to acquire. The primary way is: 

The Golem Stone will help you turn into a Siege. This, in turn, deals massive amounts of Siege damage like: 

  • Earth Shatter- 200% Siege damage
  • Stomping- 300% Siege damage

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However, given how impactful these are, the process to get them is tough. Players can craft the Siege Golem Stone after beating Terah the Geomancer boss, at level 48. So, players will come across here pretty late into the game. However, after setting off the Siege Golem Stone, there’s more work to be done.

This is because the entire PvP server will be made aware that a Siege Golem Stone has been called upon. So, players will come to fight you and take the Golem Stone away.

You will have five minutes after becoming a Siege, before going back to being a vampire. Moreover, make sure you have full health because the Siege Golem Stone reflects your original health as well. Five minutes should be enough to demolish the castle but be watchful when it starts counting down.

Having completed your job, you can loot everything inside the castle as a vampire. You can exit the Siege form early, by pressing ‘Exit Form.’ The Siege Golem Stone is an extremely helpful tool in fighting big bosses. So, keep this guide handy and make sure to show the bosses who is the best vampire. 

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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