V Rising: How To Avoid Silver Sickness

Vampires and silver have a love-hate relationship in V Rising. The element has long been a danger for vampires worldwide, in all sorts of arenas. However, players will need Silver in the game for a number of activities.

Therefore, the more silver a vampire comes into contact with, the likelier they are to take damage from it. It is called “silver exposure or silver sickness” in the game. Vampires see their HP get reduced every few seconds if they are carrying Silver. Players need  Silver Ore to craft Dark Silver Ingots which is needed to make gear.

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On the other hand, Silver Coins are required to trade with NPC merchants. Though you might not notice the health drop in the beginning, it will get dangerous over time. Therefore, it is important to know how to safeguard yourself from the ill effects of Silver.

Thankfully, V Rising does have ways in which you can protect your health and continue to carry Silver all around. The following guide lists the procedures how to develop Silver Resistance.

V Rising - Silver Sickness

V Rising: How to protect from Silver Sickness

The game offers three ways which players can use to protect themselves. Each of these method can be used with the others, meaning they are not exclusive. Here are the three ways: 

  • By changing into the creature form of a Bear. It increases damage resistance by 25%, and all other Resistances by 25 too. This includes Silver Resistance too, so players can definitely use this method. In order to get Bear form, players have to locate and eliminate Ferocious the Bear boss. It is a Level 36 V Blood carrier who lives in the Bear Cave, found to the east of Farbane Woods. Therefore, after defeating the Bear, you will be able to transfer Silver Coins in the game. 
  • The second way is to don clothes or armour that automatically give +15 in Silver Resistance. These include: 
  1. Razer Serpent Cloak
  2. Hunter’s Cloak
  3. Immortal King’s Cloak
  4. Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak
  5. Razer Serpent Mantle
  6. Ashfolk Wildfire Cloak
  7. Immortal King’s Mantle
  8. Phantom’s Cloak

V Rising - Gaining Resistance

  • The last method to defend yourself from the evil of Silver Sickness in the game is through drinking crafted potions. These give temporary Resistance to damage from Silver, and can be made through the Alchemy Table
  1. Silver Resistance Potion: +50 Silver resistance for 20 minutes 
  2. Silver Resistance Brew: +15 Silver Resistance for 20 minutes

Thus, these are the methods that will protect you from the bad effects of Silver. Nonetheless, players have to be careful in carrying them as all of the methods are not very long-lasting or useful in certain situations. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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