V Rising: How to Beat Clive the Firestarter Boss

Players have been loving V Rising with its open-world setting with an array of bosses and quests. As a vampire, you have to beat enemies and collect items that will help you build up your castle. The castle is where you mainly operate from and keeping Blood Essence on hand is highly useful.

Moreover, defeating enemies and humans will give you powers that will continuously make you stronger. One of the bosses in the game is Clive the Firestarter. The following guide will take you through everything you need in order to defeat Clive the Firestarter.

V Rising: How to beat Clive the Firestarter

Clive the Firestarter will…start a lot of fires when battling you. Therefore, players should keep the Merciless Nightstalker alongside several copper-based weapons.

Moreover, Vermin Salve is also crucial given how it refills your health in battle. You may want to latch onto a clan in order to defeat Clive the Firestarter. This is because, aside from being a Level 30 boss, fighting them can get tricky alone.

Clive the Firestarter lives near the Bandit Sulphur Quarry which is to the west of Farbane Woods. Be careful while you approach him as there will be a flurry of attacks incoming. You will find several boxes of explosives around the battleground. It is best to blast them off early on. This has two advantages:

  • Clive the Firestarter cannot use it in battles to hurt you
  • He will take additional damage from the blasts

However, the boss will not go away so easily. Clive the Firestarter will keep launching bigger bombs at you as his health diminishes. Having beaten the boss, you will be rewarded with the Alchemy Table as well as the power of Veil of Chaos. These two will be very crucial in helping you during future battles.

There you have it, everything you need in order to defeat Clive the Firestarter. Just keep in mind that since he is a Level 30 boss, you should prepare accordingly. Do not go looking for him too early on in the game. Develop your powers well and keep a lot of healing kits on hand.

Clive the Firestarter will be a daunting task, but manageable if battled well and planned thoroughly. You can always wait for a while in order to recover first from earlier injuries before having a go at him. V Rising has made these sorts of fights incredibly fascinating, and no doubt, it will be plenty of fun.

Last Updated on May 19, 2022

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  1. You forgot to add that there are multiple mobs that are as powerful as the boss that take a long time to defeat that surround him. You’re really killing about 15 bosses. Then add multiple patrols that wander in.

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