V Rising: How To Find And Defeat Vincent The Frostbringer

The array of different enemies and bosses in V Rising has enamored players ever since the game’s launch. From fighting against an evil Rat to chasing an old woman around, you have to indulge in all sorts of different battlefields. The most important thing about the bosses is the cache of rewards and abilities they provide to the players.

In that regard, an important boss is Vincent the Frostbringer at Level 40. His defeat will give you some important recipes and one very special reward. Therefore, finding and finishing him has to be one of the more important objectives of the game, alongside your normal gameplay.

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The following guide will help you track down Vincent the Frostbringer and defeat him using some solid tricks. 

V Rising - Vincent the Frostbringer

V Rising: How to find and defeat Vincent the Frostbringer

Firstly, players have to learn how to use the Blood Altar to find Vincent’s location. This is needed to find out his exact location, as Vincent moves around Dunley Farmlands.

He is not alone in this regard, as Jade the Vampire Hunter and Christina the Sun Priestess follow a similar pattern of movement.

You can sometimes find Vincent on the main trail, but that is much harder than just simply using the Blood Altar. Having found Vincent the Frostbringer’s location on the Vardoran map, the fight will ensue. The boss will get help from many archers who will also start attacking you.

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Given that these sidekicks do not respawn, make sure to knock them out early on in the battle. Vincent himself has a few primary abilities that can pose problems for the players.

V Rising - Beating Vincent the Frostbringer

Therefore, knowing the specific nature of attacks is essential to defeating him. Moreover, many of Vincent’s attacks deal with players with Chill, so make your plans accordingly. Here’s the full list of attacks that Vincent the Frostbringer will bring to the fight:

  1. Frosty Blows: Vincent uses his huge mace to swing rapidly and deal damage to the player. The mace will glow as he readies himself, and you will get frozen if caught. 
  2. Frost Barrier and Veil of Frost: The first one will increase Vincent’s movement, and block attacks from the front for two seconds.
  3. The latter one will help Vincent move in a specific way while dodging your strikes. Moreover, his next attack will deal bonus damage and Chill on you. 
  4. Call of Winter: When Vincent reaches 50% HP, he will use an icy blast within an AoE ring around him. The attack will blow away everything inside the circle. 
  5. Tri-Veil of Frost: Once again, this attack needs Vincent to drop to 50% HP. He will use the above-mentioned attack three times consecutively. 
  6. Icicle Hurl: Vincent lifts his shield and throws five icy projectiles at the player. 

Having defeated Vincent the Frostbringer, you will bag some worthwhile rewards. They are: 

  • The attacks Frost Barrier and Veil of Frost can now be used by the player himself in future battles. 
  • The recipe for Reinforced Plank is needed form higher-level structures. 
  • The main reward is the blueprint of the Prison Cell. The prison will be extremely beneficial in keeping humans jailed and feeding on them for as long as possible. The only requirement is taking good care of the humans and you can continue feasting on their high-quality blood. 

Thus, that is everything you need to know regarding defeating Vincent the Frostbringer and winning some sweet rewards. 

Last Updated on July 10, 2022

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