V Rising: How to build Castle Heart

Vampires are ready to rule the world. V Rising gives you the platform to rise up as a vampire after many hundreds of years. You are on a quest to dominate everyone around and defeat all enemies. Therefore, players need to know a lot of crafting mechanisms throughout the game.

Battling enemies is a just one part of the game. Beware of sunlight as it will wear you down constantly. One of the most important things that players need to learn crafting is the Castle Heart. This piece is a vital element in expanding your area of dominance. The following guide will help you building Castle Heart in the game.

V Rising: How to Craft Castle Heart

Players will need a Castle Heart when building your castle. Each castle needs a piece of Castle Heart. That is seen as laying ownership of the land and means players can partake in activities from that place.

Moreover , expanding your area in the game is crucial as it helps asserts dominance. You will get more power, and Therefore, knowing how to build a Castle Heart is critical. You will need:

  • 240 Stones
  • 30 Blood Essence

Stones can be got in the following ways:

  • Ruin walls and Stone nodes are filled with Stones that you will need
  • Keep a Mace handy, otherwise you will not be able to collect Stones
  • Mace can be crafted through 30 Bones
  • After getting your Mace, start hunting for Stones

For Blood Essence, we have a full guide here. They are of great importance throughout the game and you should stock up on them.

Furthermore, the Greater Blood Essence will also serve as an interesting addition to your inventory. Having got 30 Blood Essence, and the 240 Stones from the above mentioned method, here’s how you can build a Castle Heart:

  • Hit the ‘B’ button to open up the Build menu
  • Search for Castle Build option in the menu
  • Select the option and then choose a suitable area to build the castle
  • Simply put it over there and your castle will be ready

Here you go, everything that you will need in order to build Castle Heart in the game. V Rising has a lot of nice additions that players can explore over the course of playing. You can find a lot of bosses all over the game, who will further help you in providing Blood Essence. That will be crucial in the game’s long run.

Last Updated on May 19, 2022

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