V Rising: How To Defeat Octavian The Militia Captain

The allure of V Rising has been great, with players spending many hours traversing through it. The survival, horror game has a great number of items and bosses which make it an extremely challenging affair.

Each boss gives important equipment and blueprints so defeating all of them one by one is essential. In this journey, you will encounter Octavian the Militia Captain.

He is a level 58 V Blood carrier. He will reward you with several great items, so improving your Gear Score will mean you have to go through this boss. The following guide will help you find and defeat Octavian the Militia Captain in V Rising. 

V Rising - Octavian the Militia Captain

V Rising: How to reach the boss

The boss is found in the Bastion of Dunley, located inside the Dunley Farmlands, south of the Church of the Damned. Make sure to have ranged Spells at the ready, with Sanguine Coil and Chaos Volley in particular. The latter will be the stable output source in the game, while the former will heal you as you inflict damage from a distance.

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Additionally, you can use Veil of Frost to avoid the boss’ ability in the fight. You can better your spell powers by having Scholar Blood Type just before the battle begins as well. 

V Rising - Octavian the Militia Captain Location

V Rising: How to beat Octavian the Militia Captain

The rules are the same as with any other V Blood Carrier. Therefore, make sure to remove any hostile mobs of underlings as the fight commences.

A major area that you have to take care of is the sunlight, as the battle arena has no cover. So make sure to have this fight only at night time. The mechanics of the boss fight are given below, with what kind of attacks he will be using. 

  • Whirling Slash: You will be attacked by four whirling swords that form a cone shape. Therefore, make sure to have a good enough distance from the Captain in order to dodge the weapons. 
  • Archer Reinforcements: The boss calls upon a Militia Archer as his sidekick. The total number will vary, depending upon how many players are fighting him at the time. 
  • Lunging Toss: The Captain rears up and attacks you as they toss you behind. This will have a stun effect. 
  • Blades of the Militia: He spins around quickly and hops around the arena, alongside attacking the player with several Whirling Slashes from all sides. 
  • Spinning Slam: An above the head slam, with a straight spinning sword attacking players in a particular direction.

After you defeat Octavian the Militia Captain, there are a variety of prizes on offer. These include: 

  • Mirror Strike: An Ultimate Ability which allows players to rush ahead and inflict heavy damage on enemies, while lessening the power of targets. 
  • Anvil blueprint: This is imperative to make top-level weapons and armour. These include Dawnthorn Regalia and Dark Silver weapons. The latter will take Dark Silver Ingots to craft. All of it will be great rewards from the Captain. Therefore, you will be a great position after defeating him. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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